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Join us to Learn, Create and Share Alcohol Ink Art. The alcohol ink art community is a worldwide community of artists that create with alcohol ink.  Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional artist, this community is for you.  Our community is where friendships are made.  You’ll meet fellow alcohol ink enthusiasts who are eager to learn and share.  It doesn’t matter if you are just learning or you have been painting and creating your entire life.  There is something for everyone of all levels and experience.  Welcome!

Learn Alcohol Ink

If you want to learn all about alcohol ink and meet fellow artists, you’ve come to the right place!   Alcohol ink is a fun and exciting art medium that has some thing for everyone!  We have two membership options. The first is our Alcohol Ink Art Community where we interact and share on a private Facebook group and other social media channels.  The second membership option is the Alcohol Ink Art Society, which is our inner circle of alcohol ink artists who want to really hone their alcohol ink skills and connect with other artists to learn advanced techniques and participate in monthly paint sessions and events.

Fall Festival of Art Virtual Workshop Series

This Fall we will be featuring the FALL Festival of Art – Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media Projects each week between September 8 – September 30th!   We are offering this exciting event at one LOW PRICE and it includes ALL projects!  Visit Create SmART Academy to learn more and register.

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