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Alcohol Ink Art Virtual Conference

Fall 2018

When: October 10 – 13, 2018 , 7:00pm – 10:00pm EST  
(replays available immediately following presentations)

Location:  Online   
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Abstract Painting with Alcohol Ink

On the SIXTH Day of Christmas... Linda Crocco, Alcohol Ink artist, instructor and Alcohol Ink Art Community Contributor shares with us a technique for creating abstract art with Alcohol Ink! Materials used in this demonstration can be found at:...

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Painting with Alcohol Ink – Cool Tools

On the FOURTH Day of Christmas... Sheryl Williams, alcohol ink artist, instructor and Alcohol Ink Art Community contributor, shares a few cool tools that she uses to paint and organize. Sheryl Williams is the founder of the Academy of Alcohol Inks (...

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Christmas Candles

On the THIRD Day of Christmas… Artist, Instructor and Youtuber, Serena Webber demonstrates How to Paint gorgeous Christmas Candles with Alcohol Ink.

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Alcohol Ink Color Charts

On the SECOND Day of Christmas... Sandy Sandy ( ) demonstrates how to create color charts with your alcohol inks and why it's super helpful to do so! Sandy Sandy is an amazing and accomplished alcohol ink and watercolor artist and...

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Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments

  On the 1st INKy Day of Christmas... 12 INKy Days of Christmas - DAY #1 In today's presentation, Alcohol Ink Artists and Alcohol Ink Art Community contributor, Sharen AK Harris shows us a quick video on creating some fun Christmas Ornaments with Alcohol Ink on...

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INK SPOT: Show & Tell with Andrea Patton

Enjoy this INK SPOT: Show & Tell interview with alcohol ink artist and instructor, Andrea Patton! Alcohol Ink artist and instructor, Andrea Patton shares with us her iguana painting using Alcohol Ink on YUPO. Andrea is an artist working in alcohol ink and...

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Show Your Bloomers #aiJune18 Alcohol Ink Art Challenge

We would like to thank all the artist that participated in the June 2018, Alcohol Ink Art Community's "Show Your Bloomers" Art Challenge.   We received nearly 300 gorgeous submissions.   Since this far exceeded previous challenge participating levels, we decided to...

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INK SPOT: Show & Tell with Eunice Warfel

Spotlight on Alcohol Ink Artist Eunice Warfel. This video is from a live interview with alcohol ink artist, Eunice Warfel from our Facebook page. Meet Eunice Warfel, Alcohol Ink Artist...

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Elmer’s Glue with Black Alcohol Ink

Alcohol ink artist and contributor Linda Crocco shares a unique and very cool technique for creating some interesting texture with alcohol inks. She uses black and white ink with Elmer's glue to achieve some cool and interesting results! JOIN the ALCOHOL INK ART...

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How to Paint Poppies with an Aqua Brush

Recently, I posted a painting on Facebook of these beautiful poppies painted with alcohol ink and an aqua brush on yupo. Yupo is a tree free, polypropylene paper. I prefer the translucent paper for this type of painting as the surface is slightly different from...

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How to Refill a Ranger Alcohol Ink Blending Pen

Alcohol Ink artist and presenter, Sharen AK Harris demonstrates how to fill a Ranger (Tim Holtz®) Alcohol Ink Blending Pen properly! Sharen uses a Ranger alcohol ink Blender Pen that is available at See Sharen on Facebook at...

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Embossing Folders, Die Cuts and Alcohol Inks

by Trena Brannon Hello Beautiful People! Today I’m sharing some fun techniques to inspire you to think about using your embossing folders and die cuts in a different way. Preparing the Substrate To start, I spread a thin coat of primer (K2) /gesso onto cardstock. I...

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How to Clean Alcohol Ink Stains from Hands

In the video below, Laurie Williams experiments with cleaning alcohol ink stains from your hands, using a mixture of dishwashing liquid and baking soda.  Watch to learn what proportions work best and see the results! Recipe for Alcohol Ink Stain Remover 1 part Baking...

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Our Contributors

“At first glance of the vibrant colors in alcohol ink, I was compelled beyond words to start painting myself… and I did!  The inks ‘excited’ something within me at time when I needed an outlet. I believe that most of us have an artist within us waiting to escape.  My vision is for AIAC to provide that inspiration and outlet to others, as well as raise awareness of alcohol ink as a fine art medium!”  said Laurie “Trumpet” Williams, founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  – Laurie Wiliams, Founder

“I love pure bright color! I do many art forms but lately the one that call to me in which I can express my love of color is alcohol ink. I am enchanted with the way the inks flow as if they have their own agenda. It is like having a secret painting partner. Alcohol inks can be like meditation or therapy, it can be loose and wild or smooth and controlled (somewhat). I thoroughly enjoy the diversity this medium can offer. I also love seeing how it touches everyone’s art spirit at whatever skill level they may be at. Everyone can play!”   — Francine Dufour Jones, Founding Contributor

“I have been a captive of alcohol inks for a number of years now.  It is a medium like no other.  It takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master… if it can be mastered at all.  It is full of happy accidents and “Holy Cow, Oh Wow!” moments.” Denise Johnson, Founding Contributor

“I love the flow of the inks, how the act on different substrates, and how they interact with each other. Working with alcohol inks are very intuitive. I never know where the inks will take me or what they will do. It’s always a surprise! And I like that!”  – Denise Balcanoff, Founding Contributor