Abstract Alcohol Ink technique shared by Tony Abbate on the Alcohol Ink Art Community. 

Tony uses video to demonstrate some of the techniques he uses in his work.  He starts off with drops of ink and pushing, pulling and scraping techniques using what I call “manipulators”.  As alcohol ink artists, we all get creative with manipulators.   Let us know in the comments what your favorite manipulators are!     

Tony then uses stencils and illustrator pens to add interesting, geometric detail on top of the ink to take his art to next level! 

Thanks so much, Tony for sharing your techniques and input!   Watch and enjoy!

Video # 1  (27 minutes)

Video # 2 (23 minutes)


Tony is one of our fabulous members who shares his unique techniques with alcohol ink. 
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The Alcohol Ink Art Community is a community of artists who work with or want to learn to work with alcohol ink as an art medium.

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  1. Christina Ivanna

    Fabulous, thank you so much..love it.
    Gonna try it……..

  2. Carina

    Amazing works – Thanks a lot for sharing

  3. Christina Ivanna

    Help help help help……..can’t find foam screen protector applicator anywhere

  4. Sandra

    What type of paper are you working on?


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