The Deadline to Sign up is July 1, 2021!
To participate, YOU MUST complete the ONLINE FORM located here: https://alcoholink.community/aceo/
To ensure we have a healthy exchange of committed participants and to continue the fun for those who want to play…we’ve created an online sign up form. If you would like to participate, please complete the online form here… https://alcoholink.community/aceo/
The address information will only be shared with those who have been assigned your name.
* Deadline to sign up. July 1,2021
* Exchange List will be sent and published July 2, 2021
* Deadline to send your cards July 9, 2021
for Alcohol Ink Art Society members only
#AIACEO (use this hashtag when sharing your ACEO art with the group).
The Alcohol Ink Art Society ACEO art exchange is meant to provide a FUN way for us to collect each others art and get to know one another a little better as fellow Society members! It’s really easy to participate and it’s also a great way to collect small works of original artwork by other artists! Who doesn’t love that?!
What are ACEOs?
“ACEO stands for Art Card Originals and Editions. They are kissin’ cousins of ATC’s or Art Trading Cards. Both are by definition cards of artwork measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches, the same as a standard playing card. ACEO’s originated on Ebay, and are a favorite form of art on the world’s biggest online auction site.” (from eBay)
Read more about ACEO’s here: http://www.ebay.com/gds/So-whats-an-ACEO-For-the-art-collector-in-all-of-us-/10000000002346954/g.html
How does the ACEO Exchange Work?
Add your name to the list of those interested in participating in the exchange by signing up at: https://alcoholink.community/aceojuly18/
Each participant should create three (3) ACEO artworks with the intention of mailing them to their “Society art pals”. Society art pals will be chosen randomly using a name picker. Artwork can be on any substrate, but remember that you will need to mail the artwork to your Society Art Pals so something lightweight is best.
NOTE: you only need to create three, and send ONE each to three other people. There was some confusion in the last exchange.
On July 2, 2021, we will post a list of art pals to whom you need to mail your ACEO art. You will also receive an email with the address information to those you are supposed to send to.
PLEASE only participate if you are able to send out your ACEO cards by July 9, 2021.
* Artwork should include alcohol ink
* Original artwork only for this exchange (at the request of members in the Society)
* Artwork size should be ACEO size 2.5 inches X 3.5 inches … or close to ACEO size.
* Substrate can be anything as long as it meets the size requirements (but remember you have to mail it)
* Deadline to sign up. July 1, 2021
* Exchange List will be sent and published July 2, 2021
* Deadline to send your cards July 9, 2021




The form below is for those who would like to participate in our Alcohol Ink Art Society’s  ACEO Exchange

Details of the exchange can be found in the Facebook Group Events here:

* For SOCIETY members only
* Deadline to sign up. July 1, 2020
* Exchange List will be sent and published July 2, 2020
* Deadline to send your cards July 9, 2020

SOCIETY ACEO / ATC Art Exchange - June 2021

  • Please use the same name that you use on Facebook.
  • By participating in the SOCIETY ACEO / ACT Art exchange, I agree to send one (3) ACEO / ATC Cards to the persons that will be chosen randomly on July 2, 2021 by our moderator. I agree to send my artwork out by July 9, 2021.

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