Alcohol Ink Art Conference  – Spring 2018

Materials List

  • Alcohol inks of your choice.
  • Piñata Claro Extender
  • Jacquard Permeant Resist. I used Red Gold
  • White Silk: I used untreated China Silk 8mm from Dharma Trading Company
  • Butcher/ Freezer paper with a shiny side. I use this a lot painting with alcohol inks. It makes for easyclean up and protects surface. I put shiny side up and can clean up with alcohol.
  • Gutta Applicator and nib. I used .5mm nib
  • Syringe for filling Resist in the “Gutta Applicator”
  • Item to add the applique to. I used a canvas apron. You can use anything you can iron IE a tote bag,
  • piece of clothing.
  • Iron
  • Parchment paper
  • Gloves
  • Alcohol 91%
  • Watercolor brush
  • Q-Tips
  • Welled Palette


  • Blending Solution by Ranger Ink and a blending marker
  • Piñata Claro Extender
  • embroidery hoop, or silk hoop
  • aqua brush fill with alcohol (smallest size)

Alcohol Inks and Silk

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Alcohol ink artists are always looking for new ways to use alcohol inks on other substrates. More and
more alcohol ink artists have asked if alcohol ink would work for fabric. I have a long history with silk
painting and even teach silk painting online. ( Even though silk painting dyes
and silk paints are much more conducive to large project of painting on fabric and silk …I still wondered
what techniques we could adapt with alcohol inks and silk?

Some of the things I will share is my mad scientist’s experiments using resist such as gutta, water based
acrylic resist, and wax.

I will suggest ways to set the inks on fabric and what can we do with it. I will show you how this could
turn into a lovely applique to adhere to another substrate in one example I put it on my painting apron.

The possibilities are endless!

Francine Dufour Jones