Alcohol Ink Art Conference  – Spring 2018

Materials List

  • YUPO
  • Alcohol Inks
    (Ranger: Sailboat Blue, Denim, Stonewash, Oregano, Musroom, Latte)
  • Alcohol Ink Markers
    (Spectrum Noir: BG8, BG10, IG8, True Black, TN7, you can substitute these colors with other brands)
  • Blender Pen
  • Brushes (0,1, 6 rounds)
  • Sepia Pigma Micron Pen (01, 05)
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Welled Pallet
  • Mixing Pallet (can use plastic container or plate)

Resources Color Scheme 



VIDEO #1 COOLORs.CO Color Scheme and Color Study


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On one of our first dates, my husband took me on a boating outing on the Chesapeake Bay.  As a newcomer to Maryland, I instantly fell in love with the fresh salty air and picturesque seascape. My husband, Jim, grew up on the Bay and it’s boating is his favorite past-time, so we end up spending a great deal of time on the water.   Typically, we start out in the South River, just south of Annapolis and head out into the bay.   Thomas Point Shoals is an iconic markers that we pass as we venture out.  Typically, we head into Annapolis harbor or to the Bay Bridge, but occasionally, when we just want to chill, we head towards Kent Island.  Just off of Kent Island is a historic light house called Bloody Point Bar.  It’s common for us to drop anchor in the area and enjoy a beverage and have a relaxing picnic.  Because we have so many fond memories on the Bay, I decided to paint something for Jim to enjoy when he can’t be out on the water. His birthday is later this month and I thought this would make the perfect gift.   Last summer he snapped this gorgeous photo of the light house and I thought it would be a great subject for my painting.   I’ll also include a download of the photo for your reference in case you choose to paint this subject.

The Bloody Point Lighthouse was built in 1881 and legend has it, that it was named because of several violent events that occurred off the point of Kent Island. In it’s first year of existence, the lighthouse developed a list due to a terrible storm that rolled through that year.  Despite efforts over the last 140 years to correct the list and stand the lighthouse upright, it still to this day had the same leaning stature.

In this presentation, I’ll be demonstrating a number of techniques and approaches to depicting realistic scenes with alcohol ink.  I’ll show you how to use a color scheme tool to plan and choose colors,