Great video by Korinne Carpino, alcohol ink art instructor and contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  Korinne share her step by step process on her blog post here. 

Alcohol Ink and Resin Coasters from Korinne carpino on Vimeo.


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Korinne Carpino

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  1. Theresa Watamaniuk

    Hi Corrine… much resin do you need to make this batch of double moulds. Excellent Idea!! Thanks…

    • Korinne

      Hi Theresa, I think it was about 20 oz in total. 10 oz of resin and 10 oz of hardener mixed. I used 10 oz plastic cups for mixing.

  2. Jeff


    Could you recommend a resin to use for coasters that can be out in the heat? Im looking for a resin that wont become “bendy”


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