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How to Paint Poppies with an Aqua Brush

Recently, I posted a painting on Facebook of these beautiful poppies painted with alcohol ink and an aqua brush on yupo. Yupo is a tree free, polypropylene paper. I prefer the translucent paper for this type of painting as the surface is slightly different from...

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What Are Alcohol Inks?

Overview: Alcohol ink is an acid-free, vividly-colored, alcohol-based dye that is liquid, translucent and fast drying. It is best used on non-porous surfaces (e.g. ceramics). Mixing colors can create a vibrant, marbled, and fluid effect. Alcohol inks come in bottles....

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How Do You Seal Alcohol Ink Art?

Overview: There are a lot of variables to the necessity of sealing your alcohol ink. Three things don’t vary.  If you care about keeping your work as you created it, YOU NEED TO SEAL YOUR WORK.  Sealing is a complex subject and takes time to understand and to...

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