Alcohol Ink Art Technique – Painting with a Magic Sponge

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink Art Demo, Denise Johnson, eLesson, How to Paint With Alcohol Ink, How-Tos, Techniques, Textures

Alcohol Ink artist, Denise Johnson of Artful Earth demonstrates for our Society members alcohol ink art technique using an inexpensive magic eraser sponge.

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Denise Johnson resides in northern Wisconsin with her horses, dogs, cats and chickens…and husband. She has been doing art of one kind or another her whole life. Click here to see Denise's full profile


  1. Nina Stein

    What is the substrate?

  2. Debra Ulrich

    Neat video Denise! Thank you. Loved your presentation style, especially when you dripped the ink at the beginning. . .. “oh well” One can easily say that with inks, it seldom matters.

  3. Bonnie Glassner

    thank you for sharing your technique! Actually love it! Did one painting with it and it sold immediately!

  4. Trudie

    Love it. Thanks for tip about using clip for sponge. Just started using alcohol inks so all tips appreciated. Thanks for sharing.


    Wow! I Love it! Going to go try it out! Thanks Denise!

  6. Kathy van Gogh

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
    I don’t know about the brand you used, but some of those magic sponges have formaldehyde in them so you might want to wear gloves.


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