Recommended Reading & Resources for Alcohol Ink Art

Alcohol Ink for Beginners : Essentials GuideAlcohol Ink for Beginners, Essentials Guide (FREE)

Free getting started guide brought to you by the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  In this guide, we share some of the basics that you need to know such as recommended substrates, brands, tools, techniques and information.


Alcohol Ink: How It’s Done eBook (FREE)

Great free resource for alcohol ink painting tips and techniques!   This book features 82 paintings from 82 artists, each detailing their materials and processes!

This book is split into two parts. The contents of the first part are a compilation of short tutorials donated by Alcohol Ink artists depicting his or her individual methods and techniques. Information about the artist’s web sites, email addresses, Facebook art pages etc. can be found here as well. The second part of the book is a more detailed step-by step-description of techniques that can be used with Alcohol Inks.


Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide: Relaxing, intuitive art-making for all levels Paperback – October 30, 2013

Dreamscaping with alcohol inks is a fun, relaxing, intuitive art process using no pre-planned sketches or brushes. You don’t need to be able to draw or have prior art experience to create Dreamscapes. Dreamscaping is affordable! No expensive brushes are needed. It’s amazing how beautiful, flowing abstracts with the look of stained glass effortlessly emerge with a simple, plastic coffee stirrer or plastic straw! This book is a quick reference guide for the beginner and the more experienced artist. It explains supplies, tools, terms, techniques and tips for Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping and describes the characteristics of the three major alcohol ink brands: Adirondack, Piñata Colors and Spectrum Noir. Flow enhancing extenders and a variety of metallic mixatives which add texture and special effects are also explained. It features a total of 185 full color images with 55 being completed Dreamscapes with the ink brands and colors used to create them. Plus, learn from FOUR, full color, step-by-step, demonstrations, progressing from beginner to advanced on Yupo and ceramic tile showing the Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Process from beginning to completion. Also included are sources to buy and common questions and answers. You don’t need to journey alone! This book gives links to Alcohol Ink Art Social Media Community Groups, where you can share your alcohol ink art creations, ask questions and learn from others. If you have no art experience and long to develop your artistic potential, this reference guide is perfect for you. If you are an experienced artist who has become too “technique driven” and lost the joy of creating, “Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide” can help bring back a spirit of play and discovery. Discover and reclaim your inner artist today by Dreamscaping with June Rollins!  ORDER NOW ON AMAZON!

Pigments of Your Imagination, Creating with Alcohol Inks

by Cathy Taylor

Discover magic! Join the vibrant, prismatic world of luminous alcohol inks. Mercurial, versatile, inexpensive, and wildly colorful, alcohol inks are one of the newest mediums to hit the art community. Pigments of Your Imagination is your essential guide for working with alcohol inks, from choosing which inks to use for each project to learning how to maximize your artistic potential with a wide variety of fascinating techniques. Using an assortment of materials and tools, learn how to work on a variety of surfaces, including paper, glass, metal, fabric, and plastic. Find inspiration for your own masterpieces in the step-by-step demos and guest artist gallery. From the beginning craftsperson to the professional artist, Pigments of Your Imagination offers a broad insight into the expansive world of alcohol inks. Explore the limits of your artistic ingenuity with alcohol inks. Jump start your creativity!  ORDER on AMAZON NOW!