Alcohol Ink Painting Techniques

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Learn Alcohol Ink Painting Techniques

Alcohol Ink is an exciting medium and offers an opportunity for artists of all levels to create wonderful, vivid art.    Be sure to join our community for access to exclusive tips, tools, resources and lessons!

How to Paint with Alcohol Ink

Learn to Paint With Alcohol InkAlcohol ink is a vibrant and breathtaking art medium that is growing in popularity in the art world! No other medium provides the fluid and flow than alcohol ink.  WARNING: Once you’ve had a chance to work with alcohol ink, you will be hooked.  It’s an addictive medium that offers something for artists of all levels.  Learning alcohol ink painting techniques is fun and you will grow as an artist the more you put into learning to “go with the flow” of the inks, as well as how to manipulate the medium to create highly representational works of art!

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Below are some of the featured techniques shared on the website by our team of alcohol ink instructors.

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The Sea Otter

The Sea Otter

In this Alcohol Ink painting lesson by Francine Dufour Jones, you will learn how to paint this fun and lively sea otter! Below is the video instruction and a downloadable/printable materials list and a line drawing is provided below the video for your use. Supporting...

Alaska Winter Mountain Scene

Alaska Winter Mountain Scene

with Sharen AK Harris   Supply list for those who may want to paint along:   * Tim Holtz Palette (or a something to mix your inks on... like maybe a tile) * Craft Sheet or other surface to work on * Napkin or Paper Towel * Round brush #5 or #6 * Inks: Glacier,...

How to Sketch on Yupo – Alcohol Ink Hummingbird Painting

How to Sketch on Yupo – Alcohol Ink Hummingbird Painting

This video demonstration by Sandy Sandy demonstrates how to sketch a hummingbird on YUPO Paper, then paint it with alcohol ink. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here! Download supply list here. Learn more about Sandy Sandy and check out her online classes and...

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