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Alcohol Ink is an exciting medium and offers an opportunity for artists of all levels to create wonderful, vivid art.  Below are some of the featured techniques shared on the website by our team of alcohol ink instructors.   Be sure to join our community for access to premium tips, tools, resources and lessons!

NOTE:  Many of the tips and resources below are free for your enjoyment. However, some are part of our “premium” content and only available to Alcohol Ink Art Society members (see a list of exclusive Society Resources)

Elmer’s Glue with Black Alcohol Ink

Elmer’s Glue with Black Alcohol Ink

Alcohol ink artist and contributor Linda Crocco shares a unique and very cool technique for creating some interesting texture with alcohol inks. She uses black and white ink with Elmer's glue to achieve some cool and interesting results! JOIN the ALCOHOL INK ART...

Adding Features to Alcohol Ink Landscape

Adding Features to Alcohol Ink Landscape

Alcohol Ink artist and instructor, Teri Jones shares her technique for adding features (barn, tree, water feature and moon) to this beautiful landscape in fully narrated version of the eLesson.   

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