Alcohol Ink with Simple Screens Laurie Trumpet Collection

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper, Birds, Laurie Williams, Mixed Media, Techniques

I’m beyond excited to announce the launch of my very own line of Simple Screens with AAE Glass!    The Laurie Trumpet Collection of Simple Screens™ are silk screens designed to work on alcohol ink and mixed media backgrounds. With Simple Screens, artists of all levels can create amazing artwork for sale, as gifts, to create their own greeting cards… and the list goes on!   I have a HUGE bank of ideas for these and will be presenting regularly on my YouTube channels mentioned above.  So be sure you are following our YouTube channel to see more videos using the incredible Simple Screens

You can see the complete line of Laurie Trumpet Simple Screens at https://www.aaeglass.com/laurie-trumpet-collection.html

To kick off the launch, below is a fully narrated video on creating the Bird on a Wire using The Simple Screens!

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  1. Sandy Ogletree

    That is beautiful. I have a general question about using stencils. Is your piece of finished art considered your original art, since you did not draw/paint your silhouette? I have always wondered about this. Thanks for the demo.

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Hi Sandy,
      As with any stencil, you’re unique usage of it makes it your art. It just that you may see others using the same image, so in that respect, the stencil element is not unique. You can use art created with them to sell your work.

  2. Pamela

    I love these screens Laurie. I can’t wait to try them.

  3. Noble Dental Care

    This is such a beautiful screen Laurie,I will gonna try this!


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