Artist of the Week: Sheryl Williams

by | May 8, 2017 | Alcohol Ink

May 7 – May 13

Sheryl Williams, Alcohol Ink Art InstructorWe are pleased to announce that our Artist for this week is Sheryl Williams!

Sheryl Williams is a founding contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Community (see her profile here)

Alcohol Ink is such a marvelous medium. We are attracted to the intense colors and ability to create something beautiful in a short time. What about creating “fine art” with alcohol ink? Wondering if you can be an artist? What would art school have been like? Do you want to know “why” in addition to “how?”

Now that you’ve enjoyed making lovely paintings with alcohol ink you can take that excitement and joy and learn what they teach in art school but with your alcohol inks. Improve your skills and move to the next level.

You can learn more about Sheryl and her work by visiting her on the web.

Visit the Academy of Alcohol Ink
See the Student Gallery
See Sheryl’s paintings in Pigments of Your Imagination by Cathy Taylor
Like Sheryl’s Facebook Page
Follow Sheryl’s Instagram Page

About Sheryl

Sheryl began as a self-taught water color artist and then moved to alcohol ink as her medium of choice in 2013. She began with online classes from Karen Walker, a lovely generous teacher. Karen taught her how to enjoy the colors and start to control them. When Karen finished teaching she handed the teaching torch to Sheryl. In January of 2017, she founded the Academy of Alcohol Ink to offer online classes with multiple instructors increasing the variety and breadth of painting with alcohol ink. Click here to view the classes and see what the students paint in each class.

Sheryl knows that her style is on the realistic spectrum of styles but you can find your own place. A great way to see how a student progresses through her classes is to watch one student, Gwen Dexter’s, journey:

[vimeo 214721404 w=640 h=480]

Gwen’s Journey from Sheryl Williams on Vimeo.

Enjoy some of Sheryl’s newest paintings and even one in progress.

Coupons at sherylwilliamsart.com for premium members

Coupon Code; aicomm-l1
10% off Level 1

Coupon Code; aicomm-l2
$10 off Level 2 students with the Level 1 short course
(for new students starting at Level 2)

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Sheryl Williams is an accomplished alcohol ink artist and instructor. She provides online courses where she teaches building blocks of techniques and tools that develop the necessary skills to express the art within you. Learn more about Sheryl and her course offerings on your profile page here!

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