10 Reasons Why Artists Should Create a Facebook Page

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Art Marketing, Alcohol Ink, Laurie Williams, Selling Art

Facebook is an amazing opportunity for artists of all levels to share and promote art.  Below, I share reasons why artists should create a Facebook page.

Facebook Page vs. Personal Profile.  

Every artist, in my opinion, should have a Facebook page, if they are looking to build their brand and promote their art.  A Facebook page allows you to interact and engage more publicly than your personal profile.  

1. A Facebook page is separate from your personal profile but it is managed using your personal profile login. Many folks get confused by this. You don’t log into a page. You log into your account and then access your page through your account.  You can actually manage multiple pages if you want, all using your personal profile.  NOTE: Your personal profile does not show up to folks that “like” your Facebook page, so if you choose to keep the two separate, that’s perfectly doable. They are separate properties on Facebook.

2. A Facebook profile allows others to follow and interact with your posts.  When you post to a Facebook page, others can react, comment and share your posts to their timelines, giving you more exposure.  With a personal profile, only your personal facebook friends can see your posts … unless you open your profile security.   I don’t recommend that unless you are using Facebook solely for this purpose.

3. With a Facebook page, you can engage AS your page (not as you personally). This becomes extremely beneficial if you are looking to connect with other organizations and pages in an effort to build awareness of your name or brand as an artist.  You can follow and interact with galleries, collectors, vendors, other artists and organizations as your page.

4. With a Facebook page, you can “boost” your posts in order to get in front of a larger audience.  

5. Facebook pages are public and are indexed by Google and other search engines.   You can use your Facebook page as an alternative or compliment to your artist website. 

6. You can sell your art on Facebook by setting up a shop.  Facebook makes it really easy to set up a shop on your Facebook page, complete with payment processing!

7. Beef up your personal bio with an actionable link to your Artist Page!  You can list your Facebook page as your place of employment or an alternative place of employment.  So often I see in artist’s bios. Employed at Artist… that’s so generic!!!   You could make your personal bio MUCH more interesting with something like “Sharing art at YOUR ART PAGE”  or “Creating at YOUR ART PAGE” or “Artists at YOUR ART PAGE”.  This will lead your friends straight to your art page, where they can see everything related to your art.

8. Create your own virtual art gallery.   Facebook allows you to set up albums and galleries of your artwork to share!  

9. Event Promotion.  Exhibiting at a show? Participating in an art fair?  Hosting a flash sale for your art?   Facebook pages allow you to create shareable events for getting the word out!  They even offer opportunities to boost your event to a targeted audience!

10. It’s free! Why not?  All it costs to set up a facebook page is your time!   



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