ArtResin Is Non-Toxic and Food Safe… But What About with Alcohol Ink?

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Alcohol Ink, Resin

Is it “food safe” to use Art Resin with Alcohol Ink?

Art Resin is Food Safe

Art Resin has recently announced that their cured Art Resin is certified to be safe for direct food contact!  This means that it has been tested and meets the FDA regulations.  The study shows that ArtResin brand Expoxy  can be safely used as a coating intended for repeated and direct contact with food!

However, some people use Art Resin by mixing colorants such as alcohol ink in with the resin. Here’s a statement by Art Resin.

Adding certain colorants may alter ArtResin’s non-toxicity and non-flammability and can compromise its food safety designation. For example, adding alcohol ink to resin creates beautiful, colourful effects but since alcohol is toxic and flammable, ArtResin mixed with alcohol ink can no longer be classified as non-toxic. ”  

So you can use Art Resin to seal alcohol ink art, but as soon as you mix it with the resin, it compromises the safety.  Instead, Art Resin, recommends a top layer of clear, un-tinted Art Resin as a final tip coat to ensure food safety. 

I must admit that I’ve always stayed away from creating mugs, dishes, glasses, serving trays, etc. with alcohol ink and resin because no one was certain whether is was safe to use with alcohol ink.  As it turns out… as long as there is a top coat of resin over the alcohol ink painting, it’s fine.. when it comes to being food-safe. However, we also have to consider other issues such as temperature limitations.   Because the maximum temperature of Art Resin is 120F/ 50C, it’s not recommended to use them on mugs or items for hot beverages… but it is a great solution for items that are for cold beverages such as tumblers.

To read the full article/announcement from Art Resin, visit here.


  • ArtResin is food safe once it has cured, but please keep food or beverages well away from ArtResin in its pre-cured, liquid form.
  • ArtResin is NOT edible, potable or otherwise safe to ingest in either liquid or cured form.


ArtResin Is Non-Toxic and Food Safe!

So go ahead and resin your charcuterie board, serving tray, candy dish, or cheeseboard with complete confidence …

Not only is ArtResin:

    • BPA Free 
    • non-toxic when used as directed 
    • designated safe for use at home with no respirator required by the American Society for Testing and Materials ( conforms to ASTM D4236 ) 

but now ArtResin has been deemed SAFE for direct contact with food by the Bureau Veritas too.

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  1. Carri Satterthwaite

    If I want to paint the outer bottom of a wine glass, is it necessary to seal with food save sealer? I would tape off the entire surface that will not be painted

    • Lauren Gerhardt

      It should have food-safe sealer, tumblers and other cups do not need a food save sealer. but it will make the design last longer and will be much safer because your mouth will touch the paint and so will the liquid you are drinking.

  2. Sarah

    If I use alcohol ink when making coasters and I seal it with a clear resin on top. Is it still considered flammable?

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      No. Once the alcohol evaporates from the ink, it is no longer considered flammable. I would be more concerned about damaging the resin. Most resin has a maximum temperature for exposure.


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