Birch Trees in Alcohol Ink

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Andrea Patton, Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink Art Demo, Alcohol Ink on Grafix

How to paint a beautiful autumn birch tree scene on Graphics Dura Bright white paper using alcohol inks and Incredible White mask.Demonstration by Andrea Patton.

🎁 Great step-by-step guide for creating a unique and personalized gift using alcohol inks on Graphics Dura Bright paper

The use of incredible white mask liquid frisket as a resist to prevent inks from going into specific areas is a unique and interesting technique for painting with alcohol inks.
The process involves adding the orange leaves, peeling off the frisket, and adding color to the birch trees before adding details with a black Sharpie.
Using a blending pen to remove green alcohol ink and adding orange can create the illusion of fallen leaves on the trees, adding depth and texture to the painting.
The unpredictability of the process can lead to unique and interesting results in creating tree textures with alcohol ink.
Adding details to a painting can be time-consuming, but it’s important to capture the three-dimensional illusion of a round tree.
The fun thing about alcohol inks is that you can do abstract backgrounds and then add details to make it look very realistic with the realism.
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