Color Resources for Alcohol Ink Painting

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Alcohol Ink

There are a number of occasions where we need to reference color, create color schemes, understand value and so much more.  For this post, we provides some great color and value tools and resources for alcohol ink and mixed media artists!


  • Reference Color Wheel (.pdf) – standard reference color wheel. Great for generating color schemes for your alcohol ink art projects!
  • Custom Color Wheel (.pdf) – download this to create your own custom color wheel with alcohol ink.

Online Color Selectors and Color Scheme Generators

  • Coolors.co  – Great tool for automatically generating a color scheme from a photo or piece of art.  Great for matching fabrics and home decor to your artwork  OR for determining the correct color selections to use in your realistic alcohol ink art creations.
  • Swatchtool.com  – great resource for finding the RGB value for Copic and Prismacolor Alcohol Ink Markers
  • Color2u – Hexadecimal (web colors) for Copic Marker colors. 

Alcohol Ink Manufacture Color Charts

Tim Holtz® Adirondack Inks 


  • Copic® 358 Color Chart
  • Copic® Digital Swatches – Use this file to select color swatches representative of the Sketch Marker color palette.  Match digital paper and fonts to these colors to coordinate with your coloring work with Copic markers!

Spectrum Noir™

Jacquard Piñata

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  1. Roxy Ross

    The Pinata color chart leads to Spectrum Noir link. This is a pretty expensive site to belong to. Is anybody checking and updating things?

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Thank you for notifying us of the link. We will take care of that right away! This is a VERY active community and is updated daily. We have two membership levels… Community and Society. The community with a public Facebook group is absolutely free. For those who want to join our Society, we have exclusive lessons, discounts on conferences, live discussions, a private Facebook group and access to tons of exclusive resources. We make it worth far more than the one-time fee to join, for sure! Thanks for visiting our site.

  2. Lara

    Wow this is very helpful . Thanks


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