Beth Kluth, Alcohol Ink Artist/Explorer/Instructor

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Ink Art by Beth

Beth Kluth – Alcohol Ink Artist/Explorer/Instructor

Several years ago I made a pretty simple New Year’s resolution: to set aside one hour each week to do something creative.  It completely changed my life. 

I was initially drawn to alcohol inks because of the bright, happy colors. I quickly became addicted to their surprising behavior and beautiful, organic movement. I rarely use a paintbrush, instead pushing and guiding the inks to let them pool, bloom and dry in layers to get the abstract effects I’m looking for. Through my art I want you to experience the joy I feel when I create. The only thing I love more than painting with them is teaching others what I’ve learned through experimentation.

I say I’m a self-taught artist, but that’s not really accurate. I’ve had wonderful mentors and teachers throughout my youth in 4-H and school. I’ve always loved to draw and paint, entering my art projects in the County Fair hoping for a blue ribbon. Art was one of my favorite classes in school because we were exposed to new mediums and given the opportunity to explore. But I didn’t graduate college with a fine art degree. In fact, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Then life got very busy with work (I ended up in marketing) and a growing family (a wonderful husband and three amazing kids) and creative time was hard to come by.  But when I finally decided to MAKE the time, I rediscovered the joy of creating. I started doing projects with neighbors and friends and somehow ended up doing a workshop at a friend’s gallery. I was petrified but afterward I had a profound feeling of “This is what you’re supposed to be doing”. Now four years and 300 workshops later – it’s still a joy.


Some recent work by Beth

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