Denise Balcanoff, Alcohol Ink Artist

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Denise Balcanoff

Alcohol Ink Artist, Soulful Creations

Growing up in N.Y.C and being exposed to its culture and many art museums, Denise Balcanoff discovered a passion for art at a very young age.

Art has been a part of her through every stage of her life – as a youth, parent, teacher, and now as a professional artist.

Denise studied and graduated from the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan where she received her initial training. Afterwards she continued her studies at Buffalo State College where she pursued her art while working on a degree in teaching.

As an artist Denise is always exploring different mediums and techniques. She enjoys the risk-taking and discovery part of the process. “When I get caught up in creating it brings me back to my inner child,” she says. “It makes me remember those days when I used to go off exploring in nature. I would mix dirt with water and discover the joy of making mud. Or sometimes I would just watch the flow of the water as I poured it to see where it would go, and then do something to change its path.  It really was pure, simple, joy!”

Recently, Denise has discovered the medium of alcohol inks. They are bright, beautiful, alcohol based inks that are highly saturated in color. “I love the flow of the inks, how the act on different substrates, and how they interact with each other. Working with alcohol inks are very intuitive,” she says, “I never know where the inks will take me or what they will do. It’s always a surprise! And I like that!”

No matter what medium Denise works with she says it’s the process of just creating that fills her soul, her spirit, and her heart. “It is meditative, therapeutic, and makes me happy. And that’s why I do it.”

When not creating her own work, Denise teaches art out of her home, at libraries, retreats, and at the West Hartford Art League in Connecticut.

You can enjoy more of Denise Balcanoff’s alcohol ink painting and other artwork @ www.dbsoulfulcreations.com or follow her on FaceBook @ Soulful Creations by Denise Balcanoff.


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