Laurie Williams, Founder Alcohol Ink Art Community

Global Hashtag:   #AIARTCOMM

Laurie Williams

Founder, Alcohol Ink Art Community
Alcohol Ink Artist & Digital Marketing Consultant

Laurie Williams is an alcohol ink artist and digital marketing consultant. When she’s not in the studio creating art, she’s helping businesses across the United States succeed in online marketing.   Laurie founded the alcohol ink art community in hopes of bring art to the fingertips of other aspiring artists. Her vision with the community is to not only build awareness of the alcohol ink medium and its potential in fine art, but also to “excite” the inner artist in others who may not otherwise explore the field of art.

Laurie began painting the moment she discovered alcohol ink.  For twenty years here artistic outlet was through digital graphic design and confined to a computer screen, a discipline very unlike working with the inks.   


Excite the Artist Within You! (tm)

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