What is the Alcohol Ink Art Experience?

The alcohol ink art experience and challenge is a monthly event centered around learning, creating, and sharing alcohol ink art in a community.

The Alcohol Ink Art Experience & Challenge will help improve your alcohol ink art skills, inspire growth, boost your motivation to create, and connect you with other alcohol ink artists.

Each month features:

  • focused mini-skills training lesson (a specific skill will be featured each month),
  • exclusive alcohol ink lesson/demo
  • additional demos for inspiration related to each month’s theme
  • reference photos/inspiration gallery
  • 30 prompts for motivation
  • downloadable monthly guide
  • challenge checklist
  • monthly door prize


  • FREE to members of the Alcohol Ink Art Society!
  • Non-society members can join for just $12 and will receive lifetime access to that month’s materials lists, resources, etc.


Schedule for 2024

Join the Alcohol Ink Art Society and automatically be enrolled in all 12 months in 2024!


January – “Frost & Fantasy”

  • Subject Matter: Winter landscapes, snowflakes, ice formations, mythical winter creatures (like ice dragons, snow fairies)  REGISTER HERE! Registration ends January 5, 2024

February – “Passionate Hues”

  • Subject Matter: Valentine’s Day themes, hearts, romantic landscapes, reds and pinks in various forms

March – “Spring’s Awakening”

  • Subject Matter: Early spring flowers, rain showers, rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day elements (clovers, pots of gold)

April – “Blossom Blends”

  • Subject Matter: Cherry blossoms, Easter themes, bright spring gardens, baby animals

May – “Vibrant Vistas”

  • Subject Matter: Full spring blooms, Mother’s Day themes, colorful birds, lush landscapes

June – “Solstice Shades”

  • Subject Matter: Summer solstice, beach scenes, sunsets, marine life

July – “Patriotic Pigments”

  • Subject Matter: Fourth of July themes for the USA (fireworks, flags), summer fruits, bright sunny days

August – “Camping and Outdoors”

  • Subject Matter: Outdoor life, hiking, fishing, camping, etc.

September – “Harvest Hues”

  • Subject Matter: Fall foliage, harvest scenes, back-to-school themes, apples, and pumpkins

October – “Mystical Moods”

  • Subject Matter: Halloween themes, autumn leaves, spooky scenes, mystical creatures

November – “Grateful Gestures”

  • Subject Matter: Thanksgiving themes, family gatherings, fall landscapes, cozy indoor scenes

December – “Winter Wonders”

  • Subject Matter: Holiday themes (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.), winter wildlife, festive decorations, snowy night scenes