#FunCity2020 Alcohol Ink Art Challenge

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Alcohol Ink, Art Contest Announcements

The follow video features the submissions in our FunCity2020 challenge in the Alcohol Ink Art Community Facebook group. Join us for monthly challenges like this one here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlcoholInkArtCommunity/ 

A special thanks to the following artists for participating! Sarah Waite, Cndace M. Nystrom, Carol Elizabeth, Jenn Beach, Colleen Bond, Goodnow, Bhavika Chowdhury Bhan, Kathryn Kanadian, Allison Wedler, Molly Frantom Adams, Kim Gruninger Walls, Nancy Gatto Devlin, Jessica Swenson, Maxine Fuentes, Laurie Fischer, Nancy Gregory Herren Jernigan, Kathy Saberton Gentile, Candace M. Nystrom and Bonnie Rothenberg Glassner,‎

Also, Thank you to  @Ranger Ink  for donations of the challenge prizes! Thank you for always supporting our community!

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The Alcohol Ink Art Community is a community of artists who work with or want to learn to work with alcohol ink as an art medium.


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