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The video below is a must see!  It was produced when we reached our 10,000 member mark in the community. Some of our generous contributors introduce themselves and provide some excellent tips, resources, and suggestions for working, organizing and promoting your alcohol ink art. Enjoy!

Understanding Alcohol Ink

A multi-part series on the basic concepts of alcohol ink by alcohol ink artist and instructor Sheryl Williams.

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Community Membership Resources

Experiments with Alcohol Ink -New Masking Tools

Are you curious about masking fluid tools and how they work?

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Alcohol Ink on Gourds

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Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor, Sharen AK Harris shares with us her technique for painting guords with alcohol ink. These make lovely display items.


Laurie Williams & Alexis Bonavitacola Interview

Discussion between Laurie "Trumpet" Williams and Alexis Bonavitacola. It was video as for one of Alexis' Energy. Motion. Flow class for students.

Alcohol ink art discussion

Alexis Bonavitacola & Laurie Williams discuss alcohol ink and the alcohol ink art community!

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It features a 45 minute discussion between Laurie "Trumpet" Williams and Alexis Bonavitacola. It was video as for one of Alexis' Energy. Motion. Flow class for students. She has agreed to share here with fellow society members!

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