How Do You Make Your Own Blending Solution?

by | Mar 29, 2018 | FAQs

Blending Solution

Recipe for blending solution: variations from our community

  • 6 drops glycerin in 3 oz. 91% alcohol.
  • 2 drops glycerin in 50ml alcohol

Glycerin is an organic compound known more formally as glycerol. Its common sources are animal fat and vegetable oil. Glycerin is a clear, odorless liquid at room temperature, and it has a sweet taste. It’s most commonly used in soap and is also a common ingredient in many pharmaceuticals. It is available online, in Walmarts and most drug stores.  Some of our members have found that the glycerin most commonly sold is not vegetable glycerin, and that glycerin marked as that is significantly better than the more common kinds sold in CVS/ Walmart. It is sometimes available at Michaels in the cake decorating section. (Thanks to Regina Whelan for the picture.)

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  1. Hamza Ali

    Will be testing this for the first time on my first yupo/alcohol ink based project, excited! =D

  2. Kim

    I made my own solution- worked very well to paint with but some parts of my tiles still aren’t dry a day later. Any suggestions?

    • Jennifer Warren

      Use a little less glycerine.

  3. Clyde Beckman

    Hoping this will work for leather and gourds

  4. Karoly

    Hi, 100 ml is 3.38 (american) fluid oz so, according to the formula above it should be 6.76 drops to 3.38 fl oz or 4 drops to 100 ml. This does not make sense, since the amount of alcohol is the same, the amount of glycerine should be the same. Can you explain? Also, what size is your ”drop”? In the UK there are 100 drops to a 5 ml spoon, our standard droppers dispense 0.05 ml per drop. But I have an American dyer’s handbook that has 128 drops to the spoon – which is much harder to measure or estimate!
    Thanks. I appreciate it.

  5. Jennifer

    can anyone tell me if you can fly with alcohol inks in a checked bag?

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      I think you can travel with small amounts in checked bags, but it’s not advised. What some artists do is add the inks to a welled pallet and allow the alcohol to evaporate out. Then on the other side pick up isopropyl alcohol and “rewet” them.

    • Lynn

      I flew with them last week in my carry on. (SWAirlines preference)
      I packed most in T.H. Ranger brand 36 well palette-dried. There were however 6 small full bottles. I was concerned that they would dis-allow the bottles as i already had my quart size bag of 3.5 oz bottles. But nope! My bag was looked over and passed thru!
      The palette idea-works fantastically! Good Luck!

  6. Marlene

    I used 2 oz.99.9% alcohol and 3 drops pure vegetable glycerin and it didn’t work. The texture was grainy. Should it have been 91%?

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      The alcohol concentration shouldn’t matter between 99.9% and 91%. My guess is it could be your climate. Sometimes humidity plays a role. It’s interesting that it was grainy though. Maybe try playing with less glycerin. Honestly, I got discouraged with it and mostly use straight alcohol now. I bring out the blending solution (store-bought) when I want to blend the ink more.


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