How to Paint February Flowers with Alcohol Ink

by | Feb 4, 2023 | Alcohol in on Grafix Papers, Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink Artists, Florals, Painting, Teresa K Brown

Artist and instructor Teresa K. Brown shares a demonstration of painting February Flower with alcohol ink.

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Teresa discovered her love for art while taking a painting class from a neighbor at 10 years old. She grew up in Billings, MT and began focusing full time on her art after a long career in the floral business. She is continually challenging herself and exploring all sorts of mediums as a source for finding her own style and as a way to express herself through her art. She is now has several courses online using Alcohol Inks, Brusho, and other mixed media. Through the use of color, values and vision she brings the subject of her painting to life. She sees art as a way to bring forth a memory or a feeling and her goal is to bring beauty to the world through her creations. She is able to open a window for the viewer to enter and experience the subject as it flows around them. She is inspired by her experiences and the beauty of Montana. Teresa captures the essence of wildlife and nature with the goal to produce an emotional response and a feeling that even in the smallest detail, nothing is taken for granted.

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