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Spotlight on Alcohol Ink Artist Eunice Warfel. This video is from a live interview with alcohol ink artist, Eunice Warfel from our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/aiartcommunity/

Meet Eunice Warfel, Alcohol Ink Artist

************************************************ A message from Eunice ************************************************

My husband and I both grew up in PA and lived there until we got married in 1965. We then moved to Washington DC and after two years to Oklahoma. After that we came to Waxhaw, NC, and then moved to Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya and Australia. We are now retired and living in Waxhaw NC again. I’ve not had any formal art training but I did have the opportunity of studying watercolor with Barbara Stuart, a well know accomplished Australian artist, while living in Australia. I’ve also taken a few online courses with alcohol ink artists. Karen Walker, Sheryl Williams, Alexis Bonavitacola and Sharon AK Harris. My husband and I are blessed with three children, all successful adults. We have six grandchildren. My husband and I have known each other since we were in 9th grade and will celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary in November. I did my first painting in the early 1980’s while living in Ecuador when my husband gifted me with a few tubes of acrylic paint. That was my beginning. I’ve always loved art but only became passionate about it when I was introduced to Alcohol Inks. I love the vibrancy of the inks and love to watch them work and interact with each other. I especially love painting flowers and seascapes in inks as well as watercolor. I’ve had the privilege of living on four continents and visiting every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Having seen so much of the world, I have so many pictures tucked away in my mind that I want to paint. I’m drawn to the abstract and semi-abstract and love to be more playful than detailed in my art. Photography is also a love of mine. I love capturing birds in the wild and close ups of flowers. I see beauty in almost everything and enjoy photographing the most simple things in an unusual and/or elegant way.


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