Jacquard Piñata Varnish for Sealing Alcohol Ink – Could be a Game Changer!

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink Tips, Francine Dufour Jones, Sealing

You hear us repeatedly recommend Kamar Varnish by Krylon® to seal our alcohol inks (at least in the USA).   In other countries, there are other recommendations, as well.   We are SO happy that Jacquard now has introduced their brush-on varnish and this could be a game changer, or at least an alternative, as Kamar Varnish has recently gotten hard to find and more expensive.

Also, our friends over at Jacquard, have provided us with this video to share with you about the new sealer.  And if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the comments below, and we will reach out to Jacquard directly for answers. They are always so generous in supporting our community!

Alcohol Ink Contributor, Francine Dufour Jones recently provided us a demonstration video of the product.



Where to Buy Piñata Varnish for Alcohol Ink Art Sealing

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  1. Patricia

    After Piñata Varnish do you have to put UV protection?

  2. Jane

    Will uv protection still be required? Can it be used on mugs, bowls etc that maybe in contact with food or peoples mouths?

  3. ggburry

    Hi everyone. Yes i am a newbe. Can anyone figure out for me to get 93% alcohol from 100% & 70%. millimeters or ounces please.
    Thank you

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      I’m not sure I understand the question fully, but typically isopropyl alcohol is available in 99%, 91% or 70%. The higher concentration of alcohol works better to lift and move alcohol ink.

  4. Sue Weber

    I’m new to the community and relatively new to Alcohol ink. I just watched a video on YouTube by Miriam’s Nature channel, she reviewed a product called Layering Solution, by Kielty Inks. I was wondering if anyone in the US sells it or or something like it. It seems amazing, from Miriam’s video. You can actually paint this solution over a part of an alcohol ink painting you want to keep and it will stop it from interacting with other ink around it. Then you can continue to paint around this area without fear of ruining it. I’m a newbie but this seems like a game changer for the industry. I can only find it on the Kielty website, with expensive postage from Ireland.I don’t understand why it’s not readily available in the US. Do you know anywhere I can buy it or does another company make a similar product? Could this Piñata varnish be used that way?


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