The Alcohol Ink Art Society


JOIN OUR INNER CIRCLE of ALCOHOL INK ARTISTS and become an alcohol ink master. Wow, your friends, with amazing alcohol ink artwork and techniques taught by some of the best alcohol ink instructors in the world!

Over 100 exclusive lessons, demos, and resources on alcohol ink.   Instruction and resources for artists of all levels.  Everything you need to grow as an alcohol ink artist — instruction, community, support, and fun!

New projects are added monthly! We have at least one live activity exclusive to Society members each month. And some months, there’s more!

NEW for 2024…  Monthly Challenge FREE for Society Members!  HUGE NEW ACTIVITY!



How to Paint with Alcohol Ink

Learn to paint and create amazing art with alcohol ink by joining the Alcohol Ink Art Society! Hundreds of lessons and resources, access to some of the best alcohol ink instructors in the world!


With over 100 eLessons and resources exclusive to Society members, we have instruction for artists of all levels and stylistic interest. Whether you prefer abstract, representational or mixed media, we have resources available to all alcohol ink artists!  Working with alcohol ink is like working with no other medium.  You will learn lessons in controlling the inks and/or in just letting go and working with their addictive, flowing behavior.

Alcohol Ink Basic Fundamentals and Techniques

Representational painting with alcohol ink

and these are just a small sampling of what you’ll find in our archive or videos and instruction!

Click here so see some of the exclusive eLessons and Resources.



With an Inner Circle of Alcohol Ink Artists

Get access to our wonderful team of alcohol ink instructors and contributors, plus learn, create and share with members of the Society. We are a closely connected group of artists who work with alcohol ink, mixed media and other art mediums. New in 2021, we will host monthly virtual paint-alongs, as well as our traditional INKsmART LIVE demonstrations and disucssions!!

The Society is supported with instruction and guidance by some of the superstars of alcohol ink art including Sharen AK Harris, Korinne Carpino, Francine Dufour Jones, Sheryl Williams, Kellie Chasse, Andrea Patton, Laurie Trumpet Williams, Linda Crocco, Karen Walker, Serena Webber, Sandy Sandy, Teri Jones, Beth Kluth, Teresa Brown, Tammie Crawford, and others!

Click here to meet our entire team of Amazing Alcohol Ink Art Contributors!



Masterful Works of Art

We have seen some of our Society members grow into amazing artists — painting for joy, exhibiting in galleries, selling at shows, and so much more!  Many have come from just dropping and moving ink around to creating masterful works of art. As artists, we are always growing and learning. come learn and grow with us!

Look at the works of some of our members….



Live Events & Exclusive Activities

Twice a month month, we host our INKsmART LIVEs which are live broadcasts of a presentations and paint-along projects by of our amazing instructors and/or a live discussions on burning topics.  There are real-time commentary during the live broadcast.  If you miss a live, you can watch it any time! 


We also host fun, engaging events exclusive to Society members such as Art exchanges where we exchange art among our members.  This is a fun way of building up a library of art from fellow members!

Alcohol Ink Art Exchanges


Does any of this sound familiar?

You see the vivid colors and exciting movement of alcohol ink and feel driven to give it a try, but don’t know where to start


You’ve spent hours of time, or wasted expensive art supplies trying to get the hang of alcohol inks.  You’re sick of the frustration of creating something beautiful, then destroying it because you’re not sure how to manipulate the inks and or predict how they might interact…


You’ve started working with alcohol inks, and like most of us, you’ve become addicted and want to learn everything you can about painting and creating with alcohol ink…


You’re an artist working in other mediums, but are interested in exploring alcohol ink


You’re dealing with an illness, stress or learning to cope with some life changing situation and need an outlet to remove stress — you want to do a little something for yourself


You’re an experienced alcohol ink artist and want to get involved and help us share the love for alcohol ink art and want to grow your art brand, share your expertise with others and establish yourself as a leader in the alcohol ink art world!

You’re interested in joining and interacting with a group of creative, like-minded individuals in support of an initiative to spread the word, worldwide about the beauty and viability of alcohol ink as a respected art medium…


Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions about the society.


What’s the difference between the Alcohol Ink Art Community and the Alcohol Ink Art Society?

The Alcohol Ink Art Community is our open community open to anyone.  It’s a very large community and full of great information, resources and interaction. We have a large group on Facebook, over 55,000 members currently.  It’s free to be a part of the community.  Here on the website, we have a community member area too where we provide some great “getting started” information, as well as organization of our public resources. Most all of our Society members are members of the community, as well.

The Alcohol Ink Art Society is a more focused, private group for those who want to be part of a closer-nit “inner circle” of alcohol ink artists.  The Society has its own private Facebook group, plus a portal here on the website with tons of exclusive lessons and instructions.  The Society is supported by a team of the best, most dedicated alcohol ink instructors.  Society members enjoy monthly live and exclusive broadcasts at least twice a month on Facebook, massively discounted rates to our conferences/events, the ability to participate in Society art exchanges, and so much more!


I’m a beginner.  Will I be able to jump in and keep up with the lessons and presentations?

Absolutely.  We have lessons and resources available to members at every level. The beauty of Society membership for beginners is that you get access to some of the best of the best instruction in the Society and everyone is so encouraging and forthcoming with information.   We were all once beginners ourselves and we are also always learning.


Can I see a “sneak peak” of some of the eLessons included?

Of course you can! This isn’t a complete list but will give you an idea of the insane value of joining our community!
Click here so see some of the exclusive eLessons and Resources.


 What is the difference between annual and lifetime membership?

If you pay annually, your membership is available for as long as you continue to pay.  During that time, you get access to everything in the Society section of the website, as well as the resources and activities that occur in our Facebook group.  If you need to cancel or pause your monthly subscription, you can do so.  Your access to the Facebook group would be removed at that time. We understand that a recurring fee is an issue or pain for some folks, while for others its the difference in whether they can even join in the first place.   So we’ve crafted membership plans to accommodate most. We offer the lifetime membership for those members who want to pay once and never have to worry about fees.  Lifetime members get the same access and resources as annual members.  They just pay once and will be a member for life.


The proceeds from the costs of membership go right back into supporting the Society and Community.  There are a lot of behind the scenes costs involved including website maintenance, updates, software updates, hosting and domain name expensive, software expenses for website features, advertising, taxes and so forth an so on.   In order to continue to bring this fabulous resource to our members, we have to raise funds.   It would be great if it could be free, but  we have to cover the costs.   We really want the Society to be available to everyone who would like to join. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, contact us.  From time to time, we have other members who have offered “gifts” to those who may need it.  We can put you on a wait-list for gifted memberships.




Join the Alcohol Ink Art Society Today!

 Alcohol Ink Art


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  • Access to all community resources plus…
  • Instant Access to over 100 exclusive alcohol ink art lessons, projects & resources
  • Membership to PRIVATE Facebook Group INKsmART LIVE demonstrations, live paint-along, and discussions every month
  • Access to our team of Alcohol Ink instructors
  • Art Exchanges with other Members
  • ANNUAL access to all resources, replays, and Society perks!
  • NEW in 2024!  Access to Monthly Alcohol Ink Art Experience & Challenge (with prizes)
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Alcohol Ink Art



Pay Once. Member for Life


  • Access to all community resources plus…
  • Instant Access to over 100 exclusive alcohol ink art lessons, projects & resources
  • Membership to PRIVATE YouTube INKsmART LIVES demonstrations, live paint-along, and discussions every month
  • Access to our team of Alcohol Ink instructors
  • Art Exchanges with other Members
  • LIFETIME access to all resources, replays, and Society perks!
  • NEW in 2024!  Lifetime Access to Monthly Alcohol Ink Art Experience &Challenge (with prizes)
  • BONUS! Massive discounts on Conferences and Workshops

Unable to join the SOCIETY at this time?   Please consider joining the community anyway!  Join the FREE Facebook group at Alcohol Ink Art Community group on Facebook!  We’d love to have you in the community either way!