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Blown Flowers

Alcohol Ink artist, Helen Schmidt  shares with us here method for creating blown flowers on tile with the use of her air compressor and other fun tools! Video #1 Video #2

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3D Texture and Alcohol Inks

by Trena Brannon Hello Beautiful People! Today I’m sharing a fun project where the focal point jumps off the page as 3D texture. This technique can be used in a greeting card or on a piece of wall art. Create the 3D texture on the focal point I spread a very thin...

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Painting Pumpkins – eLesson

In this alcohol ink art eLesson, artist Sharen Harris shares with us her technique for painting pumpkins with alcohol ink on yupo paper.   Sharen is such a joy to watch and generously shares her unique techniques and tips with the Alcohol Ink Art Society.  Thank you...

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Dramatic Skies with Alcohol Ink

In this alcohol ink art technique video, artist Linda Crocco generously shares with us her technique for creating dramatic skies with alcohol ink on YUPO. Learn more about Linda and her art at...

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Resist Technique with Alcohol Inks

by Trena Brannon Hello Beautiful People! Today I’m sharing a fun technique that creates beautiful results. To start, spread glossy texture paste through a stencil onto Yupo paper.  Be sure to clean your stencils and tools in water right away. Note: I cut my papers to...

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Alcohol Ink on Gourds

Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor, Sharen AK Harris shares with us her technique for painting guords with alcohol ink. These make lovely display items. Watch the Video here!

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Painting a Blown Flower with Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink Artist, Linda Crocco shows us her alcohol ink technique for creating flowers with canned air. Alcohol Ink on YUPO demonstration. Visit Linda's website at

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Teaching Alcohol Ink Painting as a Healing Path

Let me begin by saying that I never wanted to teach. In fact, it took me a very long time to even call myself an artist.  I was also somewhat shy and uncomfortable with leadership. Yet, in the course of a few years, I went from reluctant artist- to artist-...

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Our Contributors

“At first glance of the vibrant colors in alcohol ink, I was compelled beyond words to start painting myself… and I did!  The inks ‘excited’ something within me at time when I needed an outlet. I believe that most of us have an artist within us waiting to escape.  My vision is for AIAC to provide that inspiration and outlet to others, as well as raise awareness of alcohol ink as a fine art medium!”  said Laurie “Trumpet” Williams, founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  – Laurie Wiliams, Founder

“I love pure bright color! I do many art forms but lately the one that call to me in which I can express my love of color is alcohol ink. I am enchanted with the way the inks flow as if they have their own agenda. It is like having a secret painting partner. Alcohol inks can be like meditation or therapy, it can be loose and wild or smooth and controlled (somewhat). I thoroughly enjoy the diversity this medium can offer. I also love seeing how it touches everyone’s art spirit at whatever skill level they may be at. Everyone can play!”   — Francine Dufour Jones, Founding Contributor

“I have been a captive of alcohol inks for a number of years now.  It is a medium like no other.  It takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master… if it can be mastered at all.  It is full of happy accidents and “Holy Cow, Oh Wow!” moments.” Denise Johnson, Founding Contributor

“I love the flow of the inks, how the act on different substrates, and how they interact with each other. Working with alcohol inks are very intuitive. I never know where the inks will take me or what they will do. It’s always a surprise! And I like that!”  – Denise Balcanoff, Founding Contributor