How to paint with Alcohol Ink – Cotton Swab Flowers

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In the following video, alcohol ink artist Laurie Williams, shares an alcohol ink art technique for creating tall flowers using alcohol ink and cotton swabs on YUPO paper.

This video was produced from a FACEBOOK LIVE with Laurie Session and adapted for this blog post.

WATCH more alcohol ink art videos on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYZhlBx6SzQ

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies Used in this Demonstration

Materials Used

  • Adirondack Alcohol Ink  (Sunset Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Botanical and Citris)
  • Cotton Swabs (q-tips)
  • Tape (to bundle cotton swabs)
  • Small round brush (#2)
  • 6 tray Welled Pallet
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

Cotton swabs were bound together in groups of five to a bundle, dipped in a few drops of alcohol ink and dabbed onto YUPO paper.
Stems and leaves were added later.

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  1. Deneve Bunde

    Very interesting. Easy to follow instructions.

  2. Gloria ogden

    I love this demo and tips. So interesting.


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