Alcohol ink artist, Denise Balcanoff shows us how to paint a lovely angel feather in this time lapse video!

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Growing up in N.Y.C and being exposed to its culture and many art museums, Denise Balcanoff discovered a passion for art at a very young age. Art has been a part of her through every stage of her life – as a youth, parent, teacher, and now as a professional artist. Click here to see Denise Balcanoff's full profile.

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  1. Karen Andronici

    When you first begin to paint the feather you show a bottle of alcohol. Is that what is on your brush? Are you removing some of the ink from the background and then repainting with other colors of ink? Thanks for sharing.

    • Jolanda

      I am confused too. I have the same question as above. It would have been nice to have the artist explain the technique as I am sadly not understanding how to make this interesting piece.

  2. Alcohol Ink Art Community

    Hi Karen & Joanda…
    This is a time lapse demo by Denise Balcanoff. She is using some 91% isopropyl alcohol in a small container to wet her brush. With a brush dampended with alcohol, you can LIFT out the alcohol ink .. This technique is called lifting. Then she comes back with alcohol ink that is thickened by allowing the alcohol ink to evaporate, and paints on top of the area where she lifted out.


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