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Latest Alcohol Ink Art Society Resources

Painting Peacock and Peacock Feather with Alcohol Ink

Painting Peacocks and Peacock feathers seem to be a favorite alcohol ink composition.  In this video eLesson, Korinne Carpino, alcohol ink artist and instructor, provides a full length demonstration using a variety of tools with the inks.  

Painting Fur with Alcohol Ink

In this replay from our March 21, 2018 INKsmART Live in the Alcohol Ink Art Society (members only) Facebook group, Sheryl Williams demonstrated techniques for painting fur with Alcohol Ink. You can watch the replay on the Facebook group, along with the timestamped...

How to Paint Poppies with an Aqua Brush

Recently, I posted a painting on Facebook of these beautiful poppies painted with alcohol ink and an aqua brush on yupo. Yupo is a tree free, polypropylene paper. I prefer the translucent paper for this type of painting as the surface is slightly different from...

Roses – Painting with Alcohol Ink

Alcohol ink artist and founding contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Community, Sharen AK Harris shares with us here unique techniques for painting a rose with alcohol ink.   Sharen is an amazing artist and so fun to watch in this fully narrated eLesson! ...

Adding Features to Alcohol Ink Landscape

Alcohol Ink artist and instructor, Teri Jones shares her technique for adding features (barn, tree, water feature and moon) to this beautiful landscape in fully narrated version of the eLesson.   

Painting Pumpkins – eLesson

In this alcohol ink art eLesson, artist Sharen Harris shares with us her technique for painting pumpkins with alcohol ink on yupo paper.   Sharen is such a joy to watch and generously shares her unique techniques and tips with the Alcohol Ink Art Society.  Thank you...

Working with Alcohol Ink Markers – Blending & Other Techniques

In the video below, alcohol ink artist and instructor Laurie "Trumpet" Williams of demonstrates some basic techniques for working with alcohol ink markers. The blending pen used in this demonstration can be found on Amazon here:

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