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Alcohol Ink Art in Social MediaIt is the vision of the Alcohol Ink Art Community to utilize social media channels to build awareness of the medium, create a global network of Alcohol Ink Artist and help AI artists promote their brand/art.  To support this initiative, we have created several strategies to grow the community.  And you can get involved!

There are a number of ways to connect with the Alcohol Ink Art Community on the web!  Below is an explanation of ways you can participate in the social channels and join in on the fun!


  1. Join the Alcohol Ink Art Community Facebook Group.  Here you can share art, ask questions, connect with other alcohol ink artists and learn.   This community is an open group and you do not need to be a premium member of AIAC in order to participate.  The group features monthly challenges, helpful content and discuss techniques and emerging trends in art.  Join the AIAC group on Facebook now!\
  2. Like or Follow the AIAC Facebook page. NOTE: This is different from the Facebook group serves a different purpose. This is a public-facing page used to share news, feature artists and events to those outside the Community/Group.
  3. If you learned something from a blog post or page post on Facebook, pay it forward and share it with your friends.   Tag the Art Community page by using @aiartcommunity in any post you use to share it.  This helps us grow the community.
  4. Use hashtags.  When you post an alcohol ink painting or project you’ve done, share a video on your own page, use the global hastag #aiartcomm.  This hashtag is used across all social media channels for alcohol ink art community. And we feature items that are posted using these hashtags on our channels, when possible… giving you more exposure for your work!  Other recommended hashtags include:  #alcoholink #alcoholinks #alcoholinkart #alcoholinkartist.


Join the Alcohol Ink Art Group Board on Pinterest!   This is our community board where fellow artists share their latest works!  Be sure to leave a description describing the artwork, mention the medium and if you’d like tell us a little about your process!

Follow the Alcohol Ink Art Community on Pinterest!


  1. Follow the AIAC Instagram page @aiartcommunity !
  2. Use Hashtags.  Just as with Facebook, even more so with Instagram, use hashtags. Again, we randomly feature art by those who tag us @aiartcommunity or mention us @aiartcommunity or #aiartcomm  or tag us or mention us in their comments.  This is a great way to grow your own following!   Other recommended hashtags include:  #alcoholink #alcoholinks #alcoholinkart #alcoholinkartist.


  1. Follow us on twitter @aiartcommunity
  2. Use Hashtags.  Just as with Facebook and Instagram use hashtags. Again, we randomly feature art by those who tag us @aiartcommunity or use @aiartcommunity or #aiartcomm in their comments.  This is a great way to grow your own following!   Other recommended hashtags include:  #alcoholink #alcoholinks #alcoholinkart #alcoholinkartist.
  3. Direct message us @aiartcommunity, with a request to be included in our official Alcohol Ink Artists list on Facebook.  This list is promoted randomly throughout our social media channels.  This is a great way to quickly identify and connect with fellow alcohol ink artists on Twitter.  NOTE:  premium members are also added to the premium AIAC members-only list, as well.


Join the Alcohol Ink Art  Community on MeWE!


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The Alcohol Ink Art Community is a community of artists who work with or want to learn to work with alcohol ink as an art medium.

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  1. Pamela Smith

    Want to learn about this medium. Love the intensity. Thank you


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