What Do Naomi Judd and Hunter Biden Have in Common? Alcohol Ink Art!

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While many of us have been painting with alcohol ink for years, the medium is growing fast in popularity, especially with public figures and celebrities.   We’ve always known it was a wonderful medium and offers possibilities that few other mediums offer.   Two recent public figures to begin working with alcohol ink are Hunter Biden (president Joe Biden’s son) and Naomi Judd.

Hunter Biden’s Alcohol Ink Art

Hunter Biden Alcohol Ink New York Times PhotoWith all the publicity, positive and negative, for Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, it seems he’s found refuge and therapy — in alcohol ink! Many artist over the past decade, including myself enjoy working with alcohol ink for therapy as well as a source of income.    Reported by Adam Popescu in the New York Times in February of last year, Hunter Biden has begun using a blowing technique using a straw.  The vibrancy of alcohol ink, as you know does not disappoint.   And reports are that he’s selling alcohol ink art to “secret” buyers for over half a million dollars.   If those sales happen, the door should be open for artists like us to thrive even more with this medium that was once looked upon as a craft.   For some of our seasoned alcohol ink artists, like our Alcohol Ink Art Contributors and thousands of our member artists working in the medium, this is welcome news!    Awareness of alcohol ink as a medium is great for our niche.   Many have spent years mastering and controlling the medium. 

When people hear of alcohol ink as an art medium, they think we are painting while consuming alcohol and laugh.  I’ve even heard others in the media laugh that someone could create art by blowing the ink, “like a kindergartener”!  But make no mistake, the art that can be created using alcohol ink is NO joke!  Below this article is a brief gallery from some of the artist in the Alcohol Ink Art Society!   Yes, we have a society of focused artist who work with the medium and we have a lot of fun together in live paint alongs, monthly demonstrations, art exchanges and annual conferences!  So after a little investigation, you will learn that alcohol ink is a unique art material that lends itself to fun and fascinating opportunities to explore the organic nature of the ink. 

Naomi Judd Alcohol Ink Session

Last November (2020), artist Rachael McCampbell had country music singer, Naomi Judd over for an alcohol ink play date with alcohol inks!  They videoed the process and Rachael shared it on her channel.    The two chatted while they used alcohol ink to create some lovely floral paintings and crafts! During their chat, Naomi shares some fun stories.   They discuss how versatile alcohol ink is, how fun it is and how therapeutic alcohol ink can be for our mental health. Naomi even opens up about her struggle with depression and  how alcohol ink and art in general can be a great therapy. Together they experiment with a few techniques including blowing the ink with the Tim Holtz blower and Ranger Inks, as well as stamping the ink with a felt applicator.  

Alcohol Ink Art by Some Alcohol Ink Art Society Members

(and this is just a very small sampling of the talent)

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