Ambassador Resources

Thank you for serving as an ambassador to the Alcohol Ink Art Community!   The following are resources to help you be more successful! 

Quick Links

  • Earnings Dashboard – View your earnings and referral status.
  • Banners & Links – helpful code, links and banners to place on your own website and web properties

Alcohol Ink Representational Painting Workshop

Here is your shareable Ambassador link:




As an ambassador, we want you to get credit for driving folks to the site.  If they join, you earn 10%!  So it’s important for you to append your affiliate/ambassador tag to the end of any URL you share from the website.

You can make any link unique by adding   ?aff=yourid  to the end of any URL with our website.
For any given page on the site, just add  ?aff= to the end and share it  to get credit for the link.   So if you are linking to the Join page directly, your link would look like this:


You can do this for ANY page or blog post on the websites.  You can share a blog post and append your affiliate code to the end to get credit if anyone in your network links and joins!


Ambassador Badge

As an ambassador, you are authorized to use the badge below on any marketing materials you use.  Add it to your website, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.  To download it, simply right-click and choose Save Image. On a mobile, just touch the image until a prompt opens that allows you to save it!