Alcohol Ink FAQs

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Welcome to the Alcohol Ink Art Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the community there are a number of questions that get asked on a regular basis.  This is our knowledgebase that serves to provide our members with answers to commonly asked questions.  We hope that it’s a resource that you can share online in your communities, workshops and anywhere alcohol ink is being learned and shared!

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What Are the Best Alcohol Ink Markers?

From the bottle or a marker?: While people sometimes use only markers in alcohol ink work, most people tend to use markers in conjunction with the ink from bottles. Uses for markers include outlining, blending and using it for “dams” to keep gently applied ink from...

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What Are Alcohol Inks?

Overview: Alcohol ink is an acid-free, vividly-colored, alcohol-based dye that is liquid, translucent and fast drying. It is best used on non-porous surfaces (e.g. ceramics). Mixing colors can create a vibrant, marbled, and fluid effect. Alcohol inks come in bottles....

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What are people’s favorite colors of alcohol inks?

  Favorite colors: (gleaned from answers to the question "What are your favorite colors?" asked periodicallly in the group's discussion.  Pinata®: Baja Blue, Mantilla Black (for backgrounds), Passion Purple, Rich Gold (pretty universally reviewed as the best gold...

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How Do I Get Started with Alcohol Ink?

Join the AI Community and/or Society: It’s a huge value! You'll get more videos and discounts on the amazing conferences. Join the Communities Facebook Group! Watch videos: When getting started with material and techniques, showing is always better than telling....

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What Are the Best Substrates for Alcohol Ink Painting?

Overview: Anything non-porous is fair game.  Seriously. Some of us just go to the thrift store and paint on anything non-porous we find.    Main Substrates: Yupo® paper (along with ceramic tile) is one of the two favorite surfaces for alcohol ink art. Yupo® is not...

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How Do You Seal Alcohol Ink Art?

Overview: There are a lot of variables to the necessity of sealing your alcohol ink. Three things don’t vary.  If you care about keeping your work as you created it, YOU NEED TO SEAL YOUR WORK.  Sealing is a complex subject and takes time to understand and to...

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Where Can I Buy Alcohol Ink Supplies?

Frequent recommendations from the AI community discussion:  Click here to see our Ultimate List of Alcohol Ink Art Supplies Online:  Amazon Cheap Joe's Dick Blick Jerry’s Artarama Brick & Mortar: Keep your eye out for coupons for significant...

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How To Make Your Own Alcohol Inks

Homemade Alcohol Ink One short but sweet version from someone in the community: “Take a permanent ink Sharpie and, using gloves, cut it open to remove the felt tube that contains the ink. Soak in 1/4 - 1/2 cup of 91% iso. alcohol. (use a small jar with a lid to avoid...

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How Do You Make Your Own Blending Solution?

Blending Solution Recipe for blending solution: variations from our community 6 drops glycerin in 3 oz. 91% alcohol. 2 drops glycerin in 50ml alcohol Glycerin is an organic compound known more formally as glycerol. Its common sources are animal fat and vegetable oil....

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