Welcome Message from Founder, Laurie “Trumpet” Williams

Laurie Williams, Founder AIACWelcome!   For those who don’t already know me, I’m Laurie “Trumpet” Williams, an alcohol ink artist and digital marketing consultant. I’m an artist and I help businesses succeed on the web during normal business hours (and beyond).    After five years creating with alcohol inks, I’ve decided to launch an online portal for everything alcohol ink.

Knowing that I can’t do this alone, I’ve reached out to other established and esteemed alcohol ink artists and have asked them to join me in contributing to a community that teaches, encourages creativity and helps artists, of all levels, build and grow their art business! I’m excited to have a team of experienced and expert alcohol ink artists working with me on this project. How exciting is that?! 


Why an Alcohol Ink Art Community?

It’s therapeutic.

I’m going to share something personal… that’s not easy for me. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus.  Luckily my case is of the mild form, but it IS the type that can progress if not catered to.   My rheumatologist recommended that I find ways to remove stress in my life as it is a trigger for flares.  Well, I run a full-time marketing agency, have two extremely active teenage daughters and elderly parents.  So, removing stress from my life was, and still is, quite a challenge. 

As it happens, right about the time I was diagnosed, I was doing some social media marketing for a sketch artist and came across a piece of art by Karen Walker Art. It was this gorgeous, vibrant peacock and I was instantly sucked in.   Now, I had never painted on a regular basis. I didn’t even own a paint brush!  I had been creating digital art, such as logos, website designs, ads and promo art for 20 years, all of which required confinement to a computer screen. You see, digital art projects are largely for clients and tend to be structured with restraints and requirements, which can induce stress… not relieve it.

When I saw this beautiful peacock, something “moved” inside me.  I instantly went to Karen’s profile and began reading about her work.  She talked about alcohol inks and their looseness.  I watched her videos. I watched any YouTube video I could find on alcohol ink.  At that time, the amount of information on alcohol inks for fine art was limited, as alcohol inks were traditionally used in craft projects and mixed media.  Basically, alcohol ink as a fine art medium was a largely uncharted frontier. 

But, that “excitement” within me compelled me to acquire my first set of inks and Yupo® paper.   I started out with abstracts, but very quickly learned that I could apply some of my techniques from the digital art space and began creating representational art.  I’ve been hooked since.  I’ve considered branching out into other mediums and have even invested in those supplies, but each time, I come back to the alcohol ink.

With the Alcohol Ink Art Community, I want others to find that excitement… that internal stir.  For many, I hope this community provides an escape or a way to reduce stress in their lives.    

Excite the Artist Within You (tm)

“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”   And what better way to spread love than with the exciting and colorful pigments in Alcohol Ink.   Excite the Artist Within You!  Whether you’re viewing art created with alcohol inks, or you’re the artist creating them — the vibrant colors of the inks and the way they blend, create a feeling within you.   I want the world to know that feeling!

Alcohol ink art spans across talent levels and experience.  There is something for everyone to create using alcohol inks.  With the Alcohol Ink Art Community, my vision is to help “excite the artists within” folks around the world and unite them in a community where we can learn, share and promote alcohol ink art! 

My Personal Commitment

I plan to share my combined expertise in alcohol ink painting with my experience and knowledge in promoting businesses.  The Alcohol Ink Art Community will not just be a place to learn about alcohol ink art painting. Our members will also receive the added bonus of learning creative ways to share, promote and sell their artwork, both online and off.  I want the value from our membership to exceed our members’ expectations.  And I promise to do everything I can to make it worth your while to join and remain a member of the community for years to come!

I hope you join us as in this journey and movement!  


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The Alcohol Ink Art Community is a community of artists who work with or want to learn to work with alcohol ink as an art medium.

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