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Welcome Message from Founder, Laurie “Trumpet” Williams

Laurie Williams, Founder AIACWelcome!   For those who don’t already know me, I’m Laurie “Trumpet” Williams, an mixed media/alcohol ink artist and digital marketing consultant. I’m an artist and I help businesses succeed on the web during normal business hours (and beyond).    In early 2017, I decided to launch an online portal for everything alcohol ink.

Knowing that I can’t do this alone, I’ve reached out to other established and esteemed alcohol ink artists and have asked them to join me in contributing to a community that teaches, encourages creativity, and helps artists, of all levels, build and grow their art business! I’m excited to have a team of experienced and expert alcohol ink artists working with me on this project. 


Why an Alcohol Ink Art Community?

It’s therapeutic.

I’m going to share something personal… that’s not easy for me. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus.  Luckily my case is of the mild form, but it IS the type that can progress if it’s not monitored.   My rheumatologist recommended that I find ways to remove stress in my life as it is a trigger for flares.  Well, I run a full-time marketing agency, multiple art groups, ArtBugle (artist marketing) Consultancy, and have two college-aged daughters.  So, removing stress from my life was, and still is, quite a challenge.

As it happens, right about the time I was diagnosed, I was doing some social media marketing for a sketch artist and came across a piece of art by Karen Walker Art. It was this gorgeous, vibrant peacock and I was instantly sucked in.   Now, I had never painted on a regular basis. I didn’t even own a paintbrush!  I had been creating digital art, such as logos, website designs, ads, and promo art for 20 years, all of which required confinement to a computer screen. You see, digital art projects are largely for clients and tend to be structured with restraints and requirements, which can induce stress… not relieve it.

When I saw this beautiful peacock, something “moved” inside me.  I instantly went to Karen’s profile and began reading about her work.  She talked about alcohol inks and their looseness.  I watched her videos. I watched any YouTube video I could find on alcohol ink.  At that time, the amount of information on alcohol inks for fine art was limited, as alcohol inks were traditionally used in craft projects and mixed media.  Basically, alcohol ink as a fine art medium was a largely uncharted frontier.

But, that “excitement” within me compelled me to acquire my first set of inks and Yupo® paper.   I started out with abstracts, but very quickly learned that I could apply some of my techniques from the digital art space and began creating representational art.  I’ve been hooked since.  I do play around with all sorts of mediums, but I always come back to the alcohol ink.

With the Alcohol Ink Art Community, I want others to find that excitement… that internal stir.  For many, I hope this community provides an escape or a way to reduce stress in their lives.

Excite the Artist Within You (tm)

“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.”   And what better way to spread love than with the exciting and colorful pigments in Alcohol Ink.   Excite the Artist Within You!  Whether you’re viewing art created with alcohol inks, or you’re the artist creating them — the vibrant colors of the inks and the way they blend, create a feeling within you.   I want the world to know that feeling!

Alcohol ink art spans across talent levels and experience.  There is something for everyone to create using alcohol inks.  With the Alcohol Ink Art Community, my vision is to help “excite the artists within” folks around the world and unite them in a community where we can learn, share and promote alcohol ink art! 

My Personal Commitment

I plan to share my combined expertise in alcohol ink painting with my experience and knowledge in promoting businesses.  The Alcohol Ink Art Community is not just a place to learn about alcohol ink art painting. Our members  also receive the added bonus of learning creative ways to share, promote and sell their artwork, both online and off.  I want the value from our membership to exceed our members’ expectations.  And I promise to always do everything I can to make it worth your while to join and remain a member of the community for years to come!

I hope you join us in this journey and movement!


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The Alcohol Ink Art Community is a community of artists who work with or want to learn to work with alcohol ink as an art medium.


  1. Ramona

    I am wondering if you offer class’s . I am a retailer and want to offer classes. Are you able to assist me please email me back.

  2. Sharon Benson

    Sorry I am a bit confused about how much I should pay for the conference. $79 or $20. I just joined this group. Thanks in advance. Sharon Benson

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Hi Sharon,
      If you joined as a Society member, then it’s $20. If you are a community member (free membership), then it’s $79. Let me know if this makes sense! Thanks!

      • phillippa kay lack

        I registered for the spring 2019 conference and paid my $20. This is the first time I’ve been able to get to the conference page, but it won’t let me in without registration. And it says I’m a lifetime member (paid for that) and it says expires January 2019??

        • Alcohol Ink Art Community

          Hi Phillippa,

          I checked your account and it shows active for the Society. Please let me know if you can’t get to the materials.

  3. Sue Swain

    Hi Laurie, Appreciate your testimony trying to learn to exist with Lupus, and reducing stress. Wow! Pretty amazing. With having your own business, a family, and starting this AI society, how are you managing the stress? You’ve given me food for thought. Thanks.

    I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for over 50 years, and to this day find it difficult to reduce stress. You’ve touched a sensitive spot that I must “DO”, so sickness isn’t an everyday thing. This is a FOCUS POINT for me this year. It has to be.

    Began doing AI 4 years ago with Karen Walker, June Rollins, and Sheryl Williams. Wonderful ladies, excellent instructors.

    Thanks for beginning this society. I’m going to see if it will fit into my budget this year. Getting back into painting because I want to is critical to healing. Thanks again.

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      It’s my pleasure, Sue.
      My Lupus is mild and I go through flares. But I have a drive and motivation that is rogue and it keeps me going. If only my body could keep up with my mind and ideas! LOL! I look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the community and on Facebook! Happy New Year!

  4. Heather Webb

    Laurie, I was on the FB page yesterday and in the middle of reading a post of an AI artist who found her art being used by another artist to advertise workshops. The various posts/replies we interesting and enlightening. I want to read more about that subject, but the whole thing seemed to disappear. I searched several times for it. Can you point in the right direction to access it please?

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Hi Heather. I believe the post was removed because the thread became very nasty. The person targeted was being contacted directly by folks and we do not allow that behavior in the community. It was removed at the request of the person who originally started the thread.

  5. Lori Radecki

    Does anyone have thoughts on where to buy mattes and plastic sleeves to put prints in to sell? Thanks!

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Yes. I bought them on Amazon. Clearbags.com also carries a nice supply and is less expensive if you are buying in bulk.

    • Julie Olson

      Matboardplus.com is what I use. They sell “show kits” of a mat, backing board and the plastic sleeve. You can buy archival mat boards too.

  6. Ann Taylor

    HELP, please, I live in the Dallas Texas area and cannot locate an Alcohol Ink instructor. I think it is so beautiful how all the colors blend into each other and very interested in learning. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Valerie Burger

      Do we need a printer for outlines of pictures. I’m not very good at free handing.

    • Julie Olson

      @Liquideyesart may know—she lives in Houston. I left her a DM about your request. But, there are a lot of online courses that I often come across on instagram, which is an excellent place to start an account dedicated to your art , if you don’t have one already. If you’re interested in online classes, of course I can’t remember any now, but if you want I’ll track some down for you.

  7. Lisa Newcomer

    Laurie, As you know I am just new here, but I want everyone to know that you are terrific and it is no surprise you are such a successful lady, you care!!! Lisa



  9. Frances Pennell

    Hi Laurie. I haven’t been doing much with AI for the last little while but went to the society page today to look for some inspiration. I signed on as a lifetime member a couple of years ago but when i went to access some of the resources today I kept getting the message that this” is for society members only” and inviting me to become member. What am I doing wrong?

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Frances, I just checked your account and it shows an active lifetime membership. So just make sure you are logged in. If you still have issues, email me at laurie@alcoholink.community and I’ll investigate further. Thanks!

  10. Hope Bilton

    Hi Laurie, first of all, I thank you for starting this incredible group. I have learned so much!. I just bought some Epson photo paper to try for A.I., as so many people recommend. Can’t remember which side to use, One side is glossy, one is not. I tried A.I. on both sides and it took it without absorbing the inks, on both sides. Is there one side or another that you should not use, and what is the reason? Thank you so much! Hoping to move from community to society, if finances permit soon,

    • Alcohol Ink Art Community

      Hope, for the photo papers, you have to use the back side or the ink will sink in. Most people recommend the Kirkland brand photo paper since it doesn’t have logos on the back-side. So glad to have you in the community!

  11. Lori Crook

    I am a new alcohol ink artist after 30 plus years as a social worker. I stumbled upon this medium just a few months ago and was astounded by what I can create as a person with no prior artistic abilities! It’s been a most magical journey. I have started selling my art in the form of notecards and small prints and will be leading a workshop at an art center where I live this summer. This has given me hope for the possibility of a new career!


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