Learn how to create a semi-abstract landscape using alcohol inks without blowers or excessive alcohol.
Creating a landscape using the flowing properties of alcohol ink. Overlaying colors, manipulating with a coffee stirrer, and moving the painting to get directional flow.Direct nozzle painting with very little brush work.


  • Terry Jones demonstrates an approach to alcohol ink painting, focusing on direct nozzle painting and minimal blending solutions.
  • ️ Techniques include gently manipulating colors with a straw and foam stampers to create soft, blended effects.
  • ️ Create depth by layering colors to depict distant mountains and foreground elements.
  • Embrace spontaneity and “letting the inks decide” to achieve a magical, semi-abstract landscape.
  • Finish with subtle details like adding a sun or leaving areas white for a serene, atmospheric touch.

Demo by Teri Jones. 

Teri Jones introduces a unique approach to creating expressive semi-abstract landscapes using alcohol inks, emphasizing a non-toxic method that avoids the use of blowers, excessive alcohol, or blending solutions. Teri demonstrates on a prepared board, utilizing direct nozzle painting techniques to layer and blend colors, creating a dynamic sky and textured mountains with minimal brushwork.

Starting with the sky, Teri skillfully mixes colors using a straw for gentle blending, achieving softness and depth with minimal alcohol, suggesting clouds and atmosphere. She then progresses to the mountains, employing a mix of subtle golds, blues, and purples to suggest distant peaks, using strategic layering and minimal manipulation to let the colors flow and blend naturally.

As the landscape takes shape, Teri introduces richer colors and details in the foreground, creating depth and interest with hints of greenery and golden hues. Again, she uses direct application and gentle guidance to let the inks meld and create naturalistic effects. Throughout the process, she emphasizes the importance of letting the inks do the work, resulting in a vibrant, semi-abstract landscape that captures the essence of a mountainous scene without overt detail or toxicity.

Teri concludes by adding final touches that enhance the composition’s depth and realism, such as darker tones for contrast and a singular dot of rich gold to suggest the sun, finalizing the painting with a sense of completeness and harmony. This tutorial not only showcases Teri’s innovative techniques but also her commitment to creating beautiful art in a safer, more environmentally friendly manner.


  • Ranger alcohol inks:
    • Stonewashed,
    • cool peri,
    • sailboat blue,
    • eggplant,
    • cloudy blue,
    • meadow,
    • lettuce,
    • bottle,
    • dijon,
    • butterscotch,
    • sunshine yellow.
  • Pinata
    • Rich Gold.
  • Backing board,
  • paper towel,
  • ranger mini blending tool,
  • Mr. Coffee long coffee stirrers.
  • 91% alcohol to clean brush and drop for sun. 

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