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Theresa Brown, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

Teresa K. Brown, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

Teresa has loved to paint since she was ten years old. She has taken classes in all mediums as a source for finding find her own style and a way to express herself through her art. 

Korinne Carpino, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

Korinne is an artist who loves sharing her talents by teaching workshops in her primary medium, alcohol inks. She coaches and encourages her students to be fearless in exploring the medium and expressing their inner selves.

Sharen Ak Harris, Alcohol Ink Artist

Sharen is a self-taught artist for the most part but was influenced by outstanding art instructors throughout her life. Sharen received her certification from the National Society of Decorative Painters.  Studies included classes in Portugal and France in 2007. Sharen is proficient in several mediums and uses each skillfully to achieve the poetic romanticism which she is known for. 

Francine Dufour Jones profile photo

Francine Dufour Jones, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

My name is Francine Dufour Jones and I love pure bright color! I do many art forms but lately the ones that call to me in which I can express my love of color are alcohol inks.

Teri Jones, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

A professional artist since 1998 Teri Jones has won numerous local and regional awards for her paintings.   After spending the last 8 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean she has moved to the mountains of North Carolina to spend summers on land and open a small working studio/gallery in Brasstown, NC.

Andrea Patton – Artist and Instructor

“I want my art to be something you feel, you experience, you desire. I get lost in
the moment when I paint. When I create something new and original it is a
beautiful feeling. My greatest hope is that you experience this as well”

Danielle Parent - Alcohol Ink Artist

Serena Webber, Alcohol Ink Artist

Serena Webber is an alcohol ink and mixed media artist who enjoys using pastes, gels and metallics to enhance her work. Her experience as a nurse educator at a rehabilitation hospital helped her begin teaching art workshops. She enjoys teaching others about Alcohol Inks through in-person workshops, as well as through her Youtube channel.

Vera Worthington photo

Vera Worthington

Vera Worthington has been an artist since a very young age and is a classically trained artist who majored in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She enjoyed a successful career as a graphic designer and an accessory designer in the fashion industry but is now following her true passion of fine art painting with alcohol inks.

Laurie Trumpet Williams - Alcohol Ink Artist

Laurie “Trumpet” Williams is the founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community.  She is an alcohol ink artist, as well as an Internet marketing consultant.   

Past Contributors

Beth Kluth – Alcohol Ink Artist/Explorer/Instructor

I am an alcohol ink artist/explorer/instructor, and totally in love with this amazing medium. The only thing I enjoy more than creating vibrant art is teaching others what I’ve learned through experimentation.

Kimberly Deene Langlois

Kimberly Deene Langlois – Alcohol Ink Artist/Instructor

Kimberly Deene Langlois is a self-taught mixed media artist residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her creations are inspired by her favorite music, the beautiful outdoors, and her self-proclaimed “inner hippie”.

Danielle Parent - Alcohol Ink Artist

Sandy Sandy, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

After painting mainly in watercolor for over 40 years, experimenting and playing with alcohol inks has brought more fun into my life, turbocharged the imagination and sparked my creative soul. 

Sheryl Williams - Alcohol Ink Artist

Sheryl Williams, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

I love to teach. My classes are building blocks of techniques and tools that develop the necessary skills to express the art within you. And nothing thrills me more than my students finding their artistic voice through Alcohol Inks.

Kellie Chasse photo

Kellie Chasse, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor`

Kellie Chasse is a Simply Living, Debt Free, Professional Artist and instructor from Maine, who loves to share her favorite painting techniques with students from all over the world, folks just like you who may be looking for a simple easy step by step way to create with Alcohol Inks or watercolor.

Danielle Parent - Alcohol Ink Artist

Karen Walker, Alcohol Ink Artist & Instructor

Karen Walker is a North Carolina artist focusing on Alcohol Ink paintings and Maritime Oil Paintings.  As an ink painter, she is the author of 20 Projects for Alcohol Inks, available on Amazon and has taught alcohol ink painting since 2009. 

Tammy Crawford

Tammy is an alcohol ink, watercolor, and soft pastel artist living in rural Montana.

My creations capture energy, movement, and flow, celebrate my natural curiosity, and create a sense of wonder. I love layering and blending colors and mixing mediums creating magical experiences with my art. I specialize in abstract art whether I am painting in alcohol inks, encaustic wax, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, or digital mediums.

Linda Crocco, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

Linda is a self-taught artist in Northern Massachusetts who has been working mostly with alcohol inks for the last three years.  She also works with mixed media art and photography.. Seeing other people get excited about art is one of her favorite things.

As an artist,  Denise Balcanoff is always exploring different mediums and techniques. She enjoys the risk-taking and discovery part of the process. Art has been a part of her through every stage of her life – as a youth, parent, teacher, and now as a professional artist.

I am a woman of Faith, a wife & mother, an artist, a business owner, a manager, a change agent and an encourager. I have a passion for people and a passion for color. I have always been a doodler and have loved vivid colors.

Jane Monteith has been working as an artist for over 10+ years. Jane discovered alcohol ink several years ago. She works full-time creating colourful contemporary designs and sharing knowledge through her YouTube Channel.

My name is Denise Johnson and I live in the beautiful boonies of northern Wisconsin with my horses, dogs, cats and chickens…oops and husband.  I have been doing art of one kind or another my whole life and have been a captive of alcohol inks for a number of years now.  It is a medium like no other.  It takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master… if it can be mastered at all.

Barbara Nahmias- Alcohol Ink Artist

Barbara Nahmias is a self-taught artist, and art instructor living in Riverdale, New York. She defines herself as a “latent lifelong artist” who, until retirement from her position at a major media company, never had the time to nurture her creative expression.

Danielle Parent - Alcohol Ink Artist

Danielle Parent, Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor  

Danielle Parent - Alcohol Ink Artist

Marilee Taussig, Alcohol Ink Artist

I am passionate about, painting, creativity, travel, dogs and alcohol ink (not necessarily in that order.) As a member of the AI community, I am passionate about sharing those passions with others through the lens of my AI work.

I’ve painted all my life and no matter how I make my living, can’t imagine ever NOT painting, drawing and creating.

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