Serena Webber, Alcohol Ink Artist

Global Hashtag:   #AIARTCOMM

I started working seriously with Alcohol Inks in 2017, focusing on abstracts. I worked intensely with them, experimenting with every style and brand I could get my hands on. In 2018 I launched a Youtube channel dedicated exclusively to Alcohol Inks after seeing how many questions other Alcohol Ink artists had about the inks, such as what brands of alcohol inks are out there, where to buy, how do metallics work. Many of these artists didn’t have the resources or funds to pay for an in-depth course, so I decided to teach other artists the basics of alcohol inks (primarily through comparison and tutorial videos) on Youtube, which would make the knowledge free for anyone.  The channel has proven quite popular and is rapidly growing, reaching close to 1000 subscribers in the first 4 months of launching! You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel here

I’m originally from Montreal, and currently live in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) with my husband Lorne and my naughty black Cornish Rex cat, Cassini (who sometimes makes uninvited guest appearances in my videos).

Some Recent Works by Serena Webber

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