Contributor's Information Page

Thank you for serving as a contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Community!   The following resources are for contributors. Here, you’ll find instructional videos and links to contributor only resources.

Quick Links

Three Ways to Submit Content to the AIAC

  1. Email. You can email materials smaller than 20MB (images, documents, etc.) to mktg@alcoholink.community.   This is great if you are not comfortable with setting up a blog post.
  2. Dropbox. Each contributor is giving a unique Dropbox link for uploading files.   Feel free to upload files and documents here.  Just be sure to email me at mktg@alcoholink.community to let me know you’ve uploaded something, as Dropbox does not notify us automatically.
  3. Blog Post. You can post your content directly to the blog as a contributor.  Follow the video located here on this page.  Your blog posts will need to be approved before going live.   Once you post something, I am notified by email that something is ready for review.   If you want you can email any special instructions or additional information to mktg@alcoholink.community.

If you have any other suggested methods of submitting content, feel free to do so!



As a contributor, we want you to get credit for driving folks to the site.  If they join, you earn 30%!  So it’s important for you to attached your affiliate tag to the end of any URL you share from the website.

You can make any link unique by adding   ?aff=yourid  to the end of any URL.    For example, my affiliate id is “trumpet”, so for any given page on the site, I add  ?aff=trumpet  to get credit for the link.   So if you are linking to the Join page directly, the link would look like this https://alcoholink.community/joinaiac/?aff=trumpet.

You can do this for ANY page or blog post on the websites.  You can share a blog post and append your affiliate code to the end to get credit if anyone in your network links and joins!



As a contributor, you are authorized to use the badge below on any marketing materials you use.  Add it to your website, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.

AIAC Contributor