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For the Love of Alcohol Ink

eBook Submission Instructions

Thank you for considering contributing to the upcoming eBook on Alcohol Ink Art. As an alcohol ink artists, we welcome your generous sharing of techniques and tips.  Please use the form provide on this page to submit your simple project / art contributions.  

Optionally, you can include a video that demonstrates your project.  However, we still require an overview for the eBook with the information requested in the form.

If your project is a Step by Step tutorial or explanation of techniques and you have multiple images to include, please submit your project by email to ebook@alcoholink.community.  Attach labeled images individually, even if you include them in a Word document to help us streamline the layout process.

Please submit any questions you may have to ebook@alcoholink.community




IF you would like to see what the first eBook looked like, below is a description and the details.

Alcohol Ink: How It’s Done eBook (FREE)

Great free resource for alcohol ink painting tips and techniques!   This book features 82 paintings from 82 artists, each detailing their materials and processes!

This book is split into two parts. The contents of the first part are a compilation of short tutorials donated by Alcohol Ink artists depicting his or her individual methods and techniques. Information about the artist’s web sites, email addresses, Facebook art pages etc. can be found here as well. The second part of the book is a more detailed step-by step-description of techniques that can be used with Alcohol Inks.


For the Love of Alcohol Ink- Contributor Submissions


  • 200 characters or less
  • Will NOT be published in eBook or made publicly available.
  • Share a link to your Facebook Page so readers can find you and see your work on Facebook. We do not recommend listing your personal profile.
  • If you host a Youtube channel, be sure to share it here so readers can learn more about you and your techniques.
  • Project Information

    Use this section to share the details of your project.
  • Please upload an image of your project here. The image should be 800px x 600px (landscape) OR 600px x 800px (portrait) at 72dpi. If you are unable to crop yourself, we will do it for you and will do our best to maintain the best imagery possible. Images must be in .jpg or .png format. Must not exceed 10MB in file size.
    Accepted file types: png, jpg, pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • Please provide a list of materials used in this project including ink colors (if possible), markers, tools, brush sizes, etc.
  • Please explain in as much detail as possible the process you used to create this project. NOTE: if your project is a step by step tutorial with multiple images and steps, please email those project details, along with labeled images to ebook@alcoholink.community
  • Does this project have a video associated with it? If so, we will host the video on the Alcohol Ink Art Community Youtube channel (with attributions to you and links to your social media accounts). The link to the video will be included in the eBook and hosted in a designated playlist for the eBook.
  • Permission

  • I give my permission for the information, images and video submitted in this form to be published in the "For the Love of Alcohol Ink" eBook and supporting channels (youtube channel) which will be distributed worldwide free of charge. I also give permission for my name to be listed as a contributor and credits can be given to me.