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How to painting lace with alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink eLesson by Sharen AK Harris from Sharen AK Harris Fine Art

Enjoy this time lapse alcohol ink painting by Sharen AK Harris.  This time-lapse presentation was created from full 48-minute elesson available to members of the Alcohol Ink Art Society.    In the full 48 minute eLesson, Sharen illustrates her techniques in creating a Vintage lace table cloth using alcohol ink on the back of photo paper. We hope you enjoy.

You can view a list of supplies use for this presentation at https://kit.com/AIArtCommunity/alcohol-ink-vintage-table-cloth-supply-list


You can gain access to the fully -narrated eLesson for this presentation in the Alcohol Ink Art Society or on our Alcohol Ink eLesson Shop at https://learn.alcoholink.community