The Alcohol Ink Art Experiences runs from April 2 – 30, 2024.

April 2024 THEME:  Spring’s Awakening

Subject Matter: Early spring flowers, rain showers, rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day elements (clovers, pots of gold), Easter Eggs, Spring Animals (chicks, baby fox, bunny, etc).
Focus Colors:  Colors of the Rainbow
Skills Focus:   Textures & Lines/Doodles

The March Experience features:

  • Weekly  demos/projects with resources ( at least one each week)
  • Alcohol Ink Art Challenge Checklist
  • Skills Training of the Month
    • Working with resin for pendants
    • Repurposing Paper Towels and Alcohol Ink Goofs
    • How to Create Wispy Ethereal Painting with Alcohol Ink
    • How to Create Flowing Backgrounds with Alcohol Ink
  • 30 Prompts/Ideas for the Month
  • Inspiration Gallery (inspirational images to use)
  • Door Prize(s)
  • End of Month Show and Tell
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