The Alcohol Ink Art Community offers two levels of participation…   Community Membership and Society Membership.

The Alcohol Ink Art Community membership gives artists access to introductory level content which includes our “getting started with alcohol inks” content.  

The Alcohol Ink Art Society is for artists of all levels, who are dedicated to investing in their growth as an alcohol ink artist. Along with Society membership comes access to advanced level content and resources, as well as the opportunity to participate in our interactive activities including live video demonstrations and Artist mastermind sessions; exclusive art contests with great prizes and much more! THIS LIST IS GROWING, as we add new exclusive content monthly!

Below is a comparison of resources and features available per membership type. 



  • Getting Started with Alcohol Ink  – Standard Supplies
    Video walking through some of the standard supplies that are used for alcohol ink art projects.
  • The Ultimate List of Alcohol Ink Supplies
    • Airbrush Compressor Information
    • How Yupo is Made.
  • Popular Alcohol Ink Substrates
    • Alcohol Ink Painting on Canvas
  • Understanding Light, Value and Color
    • Reference Color Wheel (Downloadable PDF)
    • Create a Custom Color Wheel  (Downloadable PDF)
  • Testing and Mixing Colors
  • Finding and Choosing Reference Photos
  • Monthly Alcohol Ink Challenges (hosted on Facebook)
  • BONUS: Beginner Art Demos
    • Blowing ink comparison: Straw, Canned Air, Airbrush Compressor
    • Painting Birch Trees Using a Masking Pen
    • Ways to Connect with Alcohol Ink Artists in Social Media
  • Alcohol Ink Books & Resources
  • Alcohol Ink: How’s It’s Done (FREE ebook download – PDF)
    Great free resource for alcohol ink painting tips and techniques!   This book features 82 paintings from 82 artists, each detailing their materials and processes!
  • Alcohol Ink Art Community Facebook Group Forum

Alcohol Ink Art Society BadgeALCOHOL INK ART


Alcohol Ink Art Community Membership Included!

EXCLUSIVE Live Demos in Facebook Group

NEW & EXCLUSIVE!   INKsmART™ LIVE broadcasts (at least two each month) – broadcasted on private Facebook group every other Wednesday.

PRIVATE Facebook Group for Live Demos and Artist Q&As

EXCLUSIVE Contests (only members can enter to win prizes)

Alcohol Ink Art Society Badge for use on website, social media and marketing materials (downloadable high-resolution PNG file)

Alcohol Ink Art Community Facebook Group

Getting Started with Alcohol Ink

Alcohol Ink Painting Supplies & Materials

  • The ULTIMATE Alcohol Ink Supply List
  • Air Compressor Recommendations
  • Best places to buy alcohol ink
  • Best places to buy Yupo paper
  • How Yupo is Made? (video)
  • What is Masking Fluid?

Painting on Tile

Popular Alcohol Ink Substrates

Testing and Mixing Colors

Understanding Light, Value and Color

Color Theory Resources

  • Downloadable Reference Color Wheel
  • Downloadable Customizable Color Wheel (make your own)
  • Websites for choosing color schemes
  • Color Basics

Alcohol Ink eBook – Alcohol Ink, How It’s Done

Alcohol Ink Techniques

  • Creating Transparent Effects with Alcohol Ink
  • Masking Techniques
  • Masking with Frisket
  • Masking Fluid Techniques
  • Using a  Masking Pen
  • Fanning and Feathering Technique
  • Blowing Ink
    • Blowing ink comparison:  Straw, Canned Air, Airbrush Compressor
    • Blowing Ink – Floral Demo
  • Facial Techniques

Alcohol Ink Painting Lessons & Demos

  • Fishing Boat (by Sharen Ak Harris)
  • Abstract Landscape on Light Switch Plate (by Laurie Williams)
  • Nauset Light House, Plein Air Technique (Sharen Ak Harris)
  • Florals
    • Painting an Iris (Sharen Ak Harris)
    • Floral – Blowing Ink (Laurie Williams)
    • Painting a Wild Flower (Francine Dufour Jones)
  • Birch / Aspen Trees
    • Birch Trees (Step by Step Lesson by Laurie Williams)
    • Creating Birch Tress with Masking Pen (Denise Balcanoff)
    • Painting a Tree Silhouette (Sheryl Williams)
  • Rocks / Stones
    • How to Paint Cliffs and Rocks with Alcohol Ink (Sharen Ak Harris)
  • Domino Pendants
    • Creating Domino Pendants with Alcohol Ink (Denise Balcanoff)
    • Domino Pendants Tutorial (Barbara Nahmias)
  • Miscellaneous How-Tos & Demos
    • Painting With Alcohol Ink : Angel Feather (Denise Balcanoff)
    • Adding Interest to a Simple Drip and Drop Painting (Denise Balcanoff)
    • Abstract Painting Circles (Laurie Williams)

Alcohol Ink Tips & Ideas

  • Make Your Own Alcohol Ink
  • Make Your Own Blending Solution
  • Recycling Your Alcohol Ink Dripping Cloths (Danielle Parent)

Alcohol Ink Resources

  • Fonts
  • Color Resources
  • Alcohol Ink Color Charts (Tim Holtz, Copic, Spectrum Noir & Jacquard)
  • Recipes

How to Make Your Own Alcohol Ink

Blending Solution Recipe

  • Finding and Choosing Reference Photos
  • The Ultimate List of Alcohol Ink Supplies
  • Recommended Image Editors (free tools for desktop and smartphone)

Alcohol Ink Projects

  • Tic Tac Toe Game Board (Laurie Williams)
  • Abstract Landscape on Light Switch Plate Cover (Laurie Williams)
  • Alcohol Ink Dominoes

Alcohol Ink Contests & Challenges (exclusive to society members)

Promotion Content

  • Selling Your Art at Art & Craft Shows (downloadable ebook) (Denise Johnson)
  • Instagram for Artists (downloadable ebook)  (Laurie Williams)
  • Facebook for Artists: Like, Share and Comment as Your Facebook Page (Laurie Williams)
  • 10 Reasons Why Artists Should Create a Facebook Page (Laurie Williams)
  • How to Share Your Artist Facebook Page Publicly on Your Personal Profile Bio (Laurie Williams)
  • Get More Social Media Followers with Sharable Art Content (Laurie Williams)
  • Using Ipiccy to Create Easy Ads for Facebook & Instagram (Kellie Chasse)