How to Paint a Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink on NARA Paper

In the full-length, narrated demonstration and lesson, Laurie “Trumpet” Williams demonstrates painting a lighthouse  with alcohol ink.  The substrate featured in the video is a synthetic paper from NARA Synthetic Papers. NARA Papers are relatively new to the market and is designed to work well with alcohol ink painting, but has many purposes such  as use in packaging.   NARA is located in Maharashtra, India.    As you may or may not know alcohol ink will stain the surface.  Not on NARA paper!  I’m amazed at the results.   As you will see in this eLesson and demonstration, I am able to completely lift out the background to paint the lighthouse… all the way back to white.  Big plus!   

Because  I can lift to white, I don’t have to spend as much time masking, drying, revealing and such. I can just lift out ares that I want to be white or need to re-paint. 
The ink flows really well on this paper, as well.   

Have you tried NARA Paper?   If so let us know in the comments below.  We would love to hear your experience with it.

Supplies used in this demonstration:

Learn more about NARA Synthetic Paper.


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Laurie "Trumpet" Williams is an alcohol ink artist and founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community. She is also a digital marketing consultant helping artists and small businesses with online marketing strategies. Check out Laurie's full bio here: Laurie Trumpet Williams, Alcohol Ink Artist & Instructor.

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