How to Make Stencils with Graphix Dura-Lar and Paint with Alcohol Ink on Dura-Bright White

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Ink on Grafix, Butterflies and Insects, Francine Dufour Jones

In Francine’s demonstration, she highlights the use of Graphix Dura-Lar to make stencils for alcohol ink painting. Dura-Lar is a polyester film that provides superior clarity and stability for high-heat applications. It is extremely durable and resistant to tearing, making it ideal for creating intricate stencil designs. Additionally, Francine explains how to paint with alcohol ink on Dura-Bright White using the stencils she created. Dura-Bright words great as a substrate for alcohol ink painting. It provides a bright white background that adds contrast to any artwork.  Plus, when necessary, you can lift out the inks to white adding highlights and depth to your paintings.

Overall, this presentation covers an amazing range of tools and techniques.  Watch below.

Alcohol Ink artist and contributor, Francine Dufour Jones demonstrates how to make stencils with Graphix Dura-Lar and painting on Dura-Bright White

The presentation was sponsored by Grafix. You can find the Grafix products used in this presentation here: https://kit.co/AIArtCommunity/grafix-products-for-alcohol-ink

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Useful materials for this presentation:

Click on the image below for a larger printable template.

DragonFly Stencil Template


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Francine Dufour Jones is an alcohol ink artist and instructor. She also works with silk painting, digital art, oils and acrylics. See Francine's full profile and art gallery!


  1. Rita Tekippe

    Great method with new info for me — stimulating. Can’t find the full materials list — is the tool for finishing/stage 3 adding white or removing color? And what is the white stick/pencil-like that is being used for the fine lines in the wings? Thanks for an interesting exciting demo

  2. Barbara Thomas

    Great tutorial! New idea, have to try it! It is only nearly impossible to get DIURA-LAR in New Zealand, any tips?

  3. Kathy

    Loved the demo! Looking forward to trying it!
    What kind of white pen were you using for detail work?


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