In the video provided in this post, I share with fellow artists a quick and VERY POWERFUL tip for building awareness of your art brand on Facebook by liking, sharing and commenting on Facebook AS your Facebook Artist Page.  

By engaging with others on facebook as your Artist page, you raise the visibility of your art brand. Folks that may never know your page exists suddenly become aware of your artist page. This will drive more potential followers to your brand, boosting your posts’ likes, comments, and shares.   Facebook determines how often to show your Page’s posts based on engagement.  If you can boost your engagement on posts with a larger audience, you’ll achieve a broader reach!

NOTE: You can only engage with other pages … not personal profiles.  Another reason why you need an artist Facebook Page!

Facebook for Artists: Like and Share As Your Facebook Page from Alcohol Ink Art Community on Vimeo.

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Laurie "Trumpet" Williams is an alcohol ink artist and founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community. She is also a digital marketing consultant helping artists and small businesses with online marketing strategies. Check out Laurie's full bio here: Laurie Trumpet Williams, Alcohol Ink Artist & Instructor.

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