Make a Rubber Rake for Alcohol Ink Texture

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I made a rubber rake last night with a dollars store window squidgy (figure 1)


Figure 1. Dollar Store Squeegee

Figure 1. Dollar Store Squeegee

I used an X-Acto knife, a measuring stick, and scissors to cut the rubber every half centimeters or so with 1/2 centimeter in between each tooth of the rake.

DIY Tool: Rubber Rake to create textures in alcohol ink paintings

DIY Tool: Rubber Rake to create textures in alcohol ink paintings

This could also be created with smaller spaces in between. See the illustration below to see how I measured using a measuring stick.


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Danielle Parent

Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor , AIAC Contributor at Artiste Danielle Parent
I have painted my whole life since age 2 . Born and raised in Québec , Canada. I mainly work now with alcohol ink . I used paint with Watercolor, acrylic, Chinese ink, charcoal, oil pastels, sculpt too. Since the first day I cracked open my first bottle of alcohol ink 4 years ago , I was it! I became an INKOHOLIC on the spot. That was LOVE..Still is love going strong. I love to find new ways to create with these amazing pigments. I also hate wasting my ink or any of my supplies. So, I have developed to stretch the use of alcohol ink markers and revive them until you can't use them no more..And I mean until it does not even look like a marker is not the end of them just yet until it has been in my hands. I am a beast in getting all the life you can out of everything I use. From trying to save my ink and old markers I have developed techniques to create intricate textures, abstracts paintings with punch, special effects similar to Tiffany glass textures, ways to supply yourself with your own blends of homemade alcohol ink, other substrates to use and ways to rescue old paintings . Use failed paintings and used them to create new paintings , or awesome effects for backgrounds that can be used to build solid paintings and subjects can be added. How to save ink that most people looses in the process of painting and through in the garbage without realizing it. How to create stunning DIY wrapping paper from your alcohol ink drips. Bring your garden art to life with alcohol ink with resin statues. and lots more ideas in the making. I have been carrying administrative duties in 3 alcohol ink groups for the last 2 years and part of most alcohol ink groups on Facebook . I keep getting inspired from artists journey and progression into this fun world of brilliant colors. I belong to many groups and some of them for the last four years. I love sharing my ideas and thrive to learn new ways to push them ink to new limits. I admit I am a total mad scientist and boy Sheryl Williams and I just love to get our hands stained and to experiment with just about anything that can be mix with them inks. I am surprised my house is still standing . I will be putting together a series of videos of my own discoveries and experiments. So buckle up ladies and gents. I will take you for a ride into the underworld and help your unleash your art divas to places you did not think you could take them. Please be good to me , English is my second language , French is my first. So pardon my poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Looking forward to see you evolve and progress and even learn from you own techniques. This community is rich with kind and generous individuals and I am very proud to be part of it. So come and join us. Don't be shy , come and show me your master pieces.! Artiste Danielle Parent Join us: https://alcoholink.community/joinaiac/?aff=artistedp Join our very first Alcohol ink WINTER CONFERENCE with some of the best experts sharing lots painting techniques: https://alcoholink.community/aiacwinter2018/?aff=artistedp http://danielle-parent.pixels.com/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/ArtisteDanielle/alcohol-inks-artiste-danielle-parent/

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  1. tamarann

    Great idea Danielle! Thank you so much 🙂


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